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City ways. The narrowest and widest cities of the world

Author: 12.10.2017
Approximately 53% of the planet’s inhabitants live in the cities that consist of numerous streets, long and short, wide and narrow, beautiful and ugly. The criteria are absent, and somebody will appreciate the slums of Rio more than Broadway avenues. We will not judge what is better or worse, as we will concentrate on the indicators.

The widest streets are in South America. This continent includes two main candidacies competing for the title of ‘the best’. The official winner is Avenue of 9-th July in the capital of Argentina Buenos Aires. The width of the avenue is nearly 120 meters. It takes 12 lines for transport. To cross them, one needs to go along three traffic lights what takes nearly 5 minutes. This wonder was built up in 1960s along with 67-meter obelus with the round movement. Today the city authorities discuss the project according to which the car flow is to put underground while the avenue is the pedestrian area because it is one of the most popular travel objects of the capital. How to make such a global reconstruction is the huge issues, as there is underground functioning. However, the municipality claims that it is possible. This problem needs to be solved compulsory because the Avenue of the9-th of July plays important connecting role and from the North to South it bumps into the airports.

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Brazilian street is competing in Argentinean in this matter. It seems that these nations compete with each other in everything. The monumental wall in the city Brazilia is really fundamental and it connects the squares of Three states and Municipal street. It is the place for administration buildings, congress, ministries, and huge number of monuments. The width of wall is 250 meters what exceeds the width of Argentinean avenue twice. However, the carriageways are divided with the widest lawn which forms these 250 meters. That’s why even though Brazilians are sure that they won in this argument, my good attitude is on the side of the Avenue of the 9-th of July.

Departure: Con Dao

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The narrowest streets are going further, and they are in a big number in Europe. Perhaps, it is explained by the fact that Old World is not so big, that’s why people knew how to appreciate each square centimeter there. Slovak Bratislava, Romanian Brasov, Spanish Chiron is not the full list of the cities which contains small streets with the width of one meter and a half or two meters. Nevertheless, our list contains even less slim ones. The most spatial among them is Parliament Street in English city Exeter. The street appeared in the Middle age and connected two other avenues. This little street is hard to cross if two bulky men, its maximum width was 122 centimeter while the minimum one is only 60. By the way, in 1836 the citizens of Exeter contributed more than one hundred pounds to expand Parliament Street, however, their promise was not fulfilled.


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In Czech Prague there is a record-breaker. Vinarna chertovka is the not swear-word but the name of the street where the first street lights for the pedestrians were placed. They did it right because it is impossible to avoid the hustle and bustle because its width is only 70 centimeters. This wonder was projected in the measures of safety as in the Middle Ages the city suffered from the strongest blazes. If you are going to be in the surroundings (it is situated in 150 meters from Carl Bridge if one goes towards Gradchan) go along that, but look at the traffic lights because one is able to walk when the green light switches on. For starter let us tell that in the depth of Chertovka there is a good and cheap wine hop but it is only for those who is able to find the way. The second name of the street is the Drunk Avenue.

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If you think that it’s impossible to go deeper, you will be mistaken. The winner is hard in pronunciation, as well as many German words, Spreuerhofstraße situated in the city Roytlingen, Germany. In the narrowest place the width of this street (that actually resembles a creephole) is 31 centimeter. Sometimes it increases up to 51 centimeter, but not more. There are two stories of Spreuerhofstraße origination. According to the first, this street is the mistake of a crazy architect. The second is similar to Prague version. After the blaze of 1726 that almost destroyed the city the authorities made a decision to build the similar corridor. In 1820 it took the proud status of the street. Since then, it has become a symbol of Roytlingen, and the local authorities look after its state and constantly repair neighboring houses. 

Brivibas: the story of some street

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