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Father’s day in Estonia

Author: 12.11.2017 | Estonia, family
Annually on the second Sunday in Estonia the Father’s day is celebrated.

Official history of this family holiday comes from 1992, however, earlier, certainly, many families arranged festive days in honour of strong and beloved fathers.

The day before November holiday in kindergartens the related holidays are held, at schools there are concerts for parents. Children give self-made cards and presents to fathers – it is usually cut from paper and colored ties or cars. In Father’s day in several countries people hang up a flag.

When the Father’s day in Estonia remains for majority as official innovation, gradually holiday becomes common all over the country, establishing its traditions. For example, it has already become typical to take up educational and showing performances by security agencies in frame of charitable free-of-charge family holiday «Day of father for all kids», where on Sunday children together with fathers may take part in different competitions and become familiar with male professions.

Among the competitors there are foster-children from the orphanages, which are taken patronage by policemen, lifeguards, border patrol, or the military order.

As it is known, the idea to arrange the holiday for fathers (which is celebrated in many countries of the world on the third Sunday of June) came to mind of Mrs Dodd from Great Britain in 1909. She wanted to express gratitude to her father, and thus – to all caring fathers of America who take part in children upbringing. The father of holiday founder had a name William Smart, his wife died giving birth to the sixth child, but single parent successfully brought up the newborn baby and also five children. Virtuous William was a civil war veteran and resided with children in the countryside. 

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