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Mezquita and St. Peter's Basilica headed rating of the main objects in Europe

Author: 18.06.2014 | rating, Europe, tourism
Travel portal TripAdvisor prepared a rating of the most popular attractions in Europe based on tourists’ comments.

The top position was taken by the Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba, located in Spain, better known as Mezquita, it is followed by St. Peter's Basilica of Vatican City, Italy. Top three is closed with the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg.

Other sights of Europe were divided as follows:

  • The walls of the old town, Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • The ancient city of Ephesus, Selçuk, Turkey
  • Alhambra, Granada, Spain
  • Siena Cathedral, Siena, Italy
  • Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano), Milan, Italy
  • Sagrada Família, Barcelona, Spain
  • The Colosseum, Rome, Italy
  • TripAdvisor’s rating is compiled according to the analysis of collected over 12 months reviews and opinions of travellers published on the website. To determine the winners, they use algorithm which accounts for quality and quantity of comments about cultural and historical sites and parks around the world.

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    The first space hotel might appear on International space station
    Russian tourism represented the concept of the new hotel building on International space station.
    Rwanda is recognized as the leader of international tourism
    In London the ceremony 2017 World Tourism Award took place on Monday, the 6—th of November. It was brought to the President of Rwanda Paul Kagame in the nomination ‘long-term leadership’, as it is reported by Independent Uganda.
    In Italy the autumn parades will take place
    In Monterotondo situated in Roman province, from the 13-th till the 22-nd of October the season of autumn celebrations ‘Fasti di Augunno’ will start.
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    Scientists defined the most ancient lake of Europe
    Italian scientists investigated Lake Ohrid situated on the border of Albania and Macedonia and came to conclusions that it is the oldest one in Europe.
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