Feel the world

OUTLOOK is an international project both for and about the world as well as the first debate space where diplomatic, cultural and social events are discussed. We create only unique text features, videos and photo coverages of cultural distinctives, unknown traditions and customs of peoples of the world, tourist routes, outstanding personalities, top managers of modernity and business experts, cultural heritage of humankind, technological novelties, national holidays and festivals that take place in vattrious nooks of the world, diversity of national cuisines, art, sports, entertainment and literature.

Thus, OUTLOOK project throuh its activities forges friendly relations between states and peoples to shape new cultural and social ties.

Lack of objective information, stereotypes, national prejudices, borders and visas are all restraining conventionalities that one has to either put up with or stand against. Having opted for the latter you realize that it is enough to just once have a deeper look, change a perspective or make a switch of the entire picture and the world will cease looking like something inexplicably defocused.

Residing at different geographical latitudes we help highlight unconventional accents in blistering stream of life.

Annually our team with the assistance of Embassies of foreign states accredited in Ukraine holds a large-scale event: festival of cultures of peoples of the world OUTLOOK World Culture Festival that makes for a bottom-line event for the project's activities over a year. For more detailed information on the format of the festival, please, see category WATCH as well as our videos: Festival 2014Festival 2015.

In 2015, the online edition of world was nominated for the international prize Adami Prize for best Media website in Eastern Europe, covering the issues of cultural diversity in the region.

OUTLOOK is an official partner of European Business Association and State Enterprise Directorate General on Rendering Services to Diplomatic Missions.

Launch of the project was preceded by many years of journalistic and organizational experience in cultural, diplomatic and advertising spheres. Therefore we have things to offer to our future partners - our abilities and services.



and be astonished. With discoveries, curiosities, personalities.


keep you nose to the wind of art. We’ll listen to it together with you to cue you on what’s what.


learn with us. Sometimes it isn’t necessary to analyze – it is enough to be aware. 


travel and discover countries geographically distant but spiritually close to you of all others.  


watch, changing angles and points of view. 360̊ is only a mathematical limit.


and, most importantly, don’t remain silent if you have things to share.

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