For partners and advertisers:

Launch of the project was preceded by many years of journalistic and organizational experience in cultural, diplomatic and advertising fields. Therefore we have things to offer to our future partners.

Media partnership

Announcements, banner advertising placement, full-scale media support and coverage of events at portal.

The team of Outlook project also provides for all kinds of cooperation with both Ukrainian and foreign media resources (TV, radio, printed and Internet media).

PR and advertising

Our team provides the whole range of services in the spheres of advertising and PR.

·  Banner advertising, promotional videos, product placement, branding of the whole web site and particular columns, participation in main features, interviews, special projects and campaigns, interstitials.

·  Shaping of image, publicity and positive reputation for you, your product or your company. Promotional campaign both in textual and video formats.

·  Organization and running of media events (press conferences, round tables, briefings and press tours).

Video- and photocoverage

·  Video services: field coverage of events, corporate movies, advertising and presentational videos.

·  Photo services: photo spread, art photography, advertising photography.

·  Assistance in organization of shootings within the territory of Ukraine for foreign partners.

Complete cycle production

·  Elaboration of a concept for a film or a video, script writing.

·  Selectionoflocations, propsanddecorations.

·  Provision of professional equipment and staff.

·  Editing, sound processing, color correction.

·  Recording and replication.

·  Placement of content on both Ukrainian and foreign media resources.

Organization and running of events

Concept elaboration, provision of the full spectrum of services in organization and running of large-scale cultural occasions, protocol events and diplomatic receptions, social and charity projects, international festivals, degustations, exhibitions,  road tours, concerts, shows and art-parties.

Organization of educative leisure

Outlook prepares and runs inter-cultural workshops and trainings, art-dialogues, meetings with noteworthy personalities, alternative excursions, culture walks and topical movies screening for you, elaborates exclusive touristic routes in every detail. Invest time in yourself!

Related services

·  Publishing and printing activities.

·  Outdoor advertising.

·  Elaboration of corporate styles.

·  Speechwriting.

·  Ideas trading.

·  Attraction of Ukrainian and world show business representatives for participation in events.

·  Logistics of events.

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