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For Boys And Girls And Moms And Dads

Author: 01.08.2015 | oddities
Last year my friend's parents took his younger brother and headed to California, to the very famous Disneyland. The kid was, surely, very lucky - one can only dream of getting to the world of favorite animation at the age of 8. But what to do if you have alredy been to the world of Walt Disney?

One of the alternatives is world famous Europa-Park. Situated in Southwestern Germany, this city of attractions and entertainment reflects the whole continent. The park's territory is divided into 15 themed areas with geographical reference. Missed Russia? Go there and you'll enjoy a true Russian village, Mir Space Station and Babushka (Russian for Nana) shop. Tired of that? Greek wonder-attraction Poseidon, Scandinavian float boats, German antique cars and many other things await you. By the way, it is Europa-Park that is home to the Old World's fastest roller coasters. Those who love adrenaline buzz can have a ride at a speed of some 130 km/h and experience most significan acceleration.

British parks cannot boast of the same scale. However, they succeed in quality instead of size. Graphic example is Flamingo Park. Merely half a century ago it was believed to be a small provincial zoo. But go-ahead Brits decided to make number of visitor increase by adding several attrctions to animals. The ball started rolling, more and more carousels and machines emerged and, together with unique flamingos, rhinoceros and pinguins, have made a prospering territory out of a once third-rate animal park. Let us add that it is Flamingo Land where Cliff Hanger attraction operates. If you dare enter the cubicle, be ready for an adrenaline burst: free fall from as high as 55 meters is expecting you.

It isn't just Disneyland that Americans have invented, but also an amazing place called Universal Studios Park. Dinosaurs from Spielberg's movies, recreated scenes from favourite blockbusters, extreme attractions (if you like "Jaws", you can't find a better place) - not only you can see all of these there but also become a participant of events, almost get into a shot. According to analysts, modern boys and girls just as their moms and dads opt for this park, prefering it to the world of Mickie Mouse's creator, with increasing frequency. And while the latter one may remain ahead in terms of attendance, the trend suggests that Universal Studios will become market leaders soon. And it comes as no surprise because San Francisco Amity area alone with its disaster simulators where every willing one can experience for himself all the "beauties" of tsunami, typhoons and earthquakes is worth paying a pretty penny for a weekend at this place of all others.

Some people want movie characters "served", others prefer rollercoaster loops, but I prefer aquaparks, don't know why - maybe, because my Zodiac sign is Pisces. Anyway, I must go to Japan, to Kyushu Island because Seagaia is there. It was listed on Guinness World Records as world's largest indoor waterpark and introduced a new trend into construction of such attractions. For instance, retractable roof technology that allows enjoy crazy watercoasters, artificial tsunami and relax procedures is currently applied all over the world. Even in my native Donetsk a modern aquapark was recently opened, it has roof in winter and doesn't have one in summer. The word is, it were the Japanese that the idea came from.

Spanish Port Aventura is a real "adrenaline buzz factory" because Dragon Khan attraction operates there. Eight literally head-spinning whorls at the speed of over 100 kilometers per hour is exactly the thing why 3 million people come there annually. While parents "get their hearts trained", their kids have fun in Sesame Land, where there are own carousels, even for three-year-olds.

Among Asian themed locations Chinese dinosaur park occupies a special place. It is situated in an hour-long ride from the ciy of Jiayin. Almost 3 thousand sculptures of gigantic reptiles made of real bones can't but impress. Modern hi-tech museum situated in the terrotory of the park will conclusively transfer you to Jurassic period. There is only one thing that visitors of the place recommend : take as many memory cards as you can because you'll have to be taking lots of pictures.

Let us conclude our selection with something that would allow some nostalgie... I couldn't possibly leave out in the cold the park I was dreaming about 15 years ago. It is Danish famous Legoland. It was opened as far back as in 1968 in a small city of Billund, it entirely consists of legendary bricks. According to approximate estimations, there are 50 million piece of the construction material: from smallest bricks to huge blocks. All in all there are 8 themed areas there where one can enjoy small copies not only of famous objects like Big Ben and Eiffel Tower, but whole cities and countries. Also, cinemas with high-end many-D-effects are at your service as well as robots that can be programmed to execute simplest operations (sit down - stand up - approach ), attractions and, sure enough, piles of fovourite bricks.

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A mini toast, a slice of cheese and a sip of strong coffee. "That is not a buffet!" a waiter will pronounce indignantly, looking at the disgruntled tourist’s face. The generous Ukrainian soul cannot understand how locals manage to eat their full with that. Therefore, before going to a new country, you need to know exactly whether in the evening you should prepare a couple of sandwiches to indulge them in the morning, whether you need some vegetables, or even some extra litres of water!
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When sending stuff to trash can or throwing it away to a dumpster we don’t suspect that it doesn’t always mean death for it, now and then even in the contrary – it is a beginning of a new life…
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For sailors to round Cape Horn situated in the very South of Argentina is a success that equals to Everest ascent for alpinists. Rush under sails around “sailor’s graveyard” defying gigantesque waves and hurricane wind turned out a success for the first time on January, 29, 1616.
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Profession of a chimney-sweep has recently entered the list of the most rear occupations in the world. And as far back as some hundred years ago almost every European citizen was able to tell a lot of interesting things about these guys doomed to be covered in smear. We didn’t invent a time machine but we managed to get some facts about representatives of this vanishing trade.
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Indignation due to prohibition to show at working place wearing jeans is the last thing that bothers employees of one of firms in the USA who have to perform opera singing warm-ups every three hours… And how about wearing office footwear in the shape of Dutch wooden clogs like working people in Taiwan do? Outlook came up with a selection of weird corporate rules.
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What do Ukrainian philosopher Gregory Skovoroda, Russian multimillionaire German Sterlingov and British journalist Judy Jones have in common? Each of them in a certain moment of their lives decided that career was far from being the most important thing in life and traded blessings of civilization for closeness to nature by becoming downshifters.
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For better or worse, travelling to distant planets and stars exists only on the pages of science fiction and in Hollywood film industry. Although the possibility of space tourism crept close, yet, Jupiter and Saturn are still way not close. Nevertheless, from long ago there are special objects that seem to shrink the universe making it accessible. We are talking about planetariums and observatories.
It seems that Movers and Shakers of our world cannot fall ill with such typical for mere mortal diseases like rash or gastric ulcer. They gravitate to mental disorders which apparently affected their genius. OUTLOOK had a good dig into the history of physical illness tortured Empress Catherine, great mind Voltaire, writer Swift and other famous personalities.
Please, papa, bring along a scarlet flower…
If your medical record can rightly accommodate a pencil-written diagnosis “shopaholism” with a florid symptom “I don’t know why I need this, but I’m buying it” – I have bad news for you.
A few centuries ago sea transport was not just the most popular, but the only way to get from point A to point B. However, as you know, force majeure occur on any roads, even on water routs, and through a long history of mankind many ships did not manage to reach their destination ports and ended underwater. Nevertheless, the relative "reservation" allows wreck vessels to live a second life as a museum.
OUTLOOK is back from working trip to Israel. When touring this small-sized but very exciting country through the length and breadth, our team selected unusual facts about it. We bet you did not know that familiar to us "at" sign @ in the Hebrew is called "strudel"? It is. Keep on reading and we'll tell you more interesting things most of which you have never suspected!
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