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In Paris the biggest organ of Europe has been placed

Author: 16.02.2016 | music, France
French composer Thierry Escaich represented the instrument. Giant in size, the organ has four keyboards and 91 stops.

In the capital philharmonic the instrument was moved last October.

However, it required some time for its master tuning. After the end of preparatory works the organ started sounding much better that it had been expected before.

As the organist monsieur Escaich told, the instrument is incredibly powerful in flow of sounds and may provide competition to the whole orchestra. Apart from that, the instrument is multi-functional and may be used with chorus, orchestra, for chamber concert or solo performance.

As the edition Le Figaro reported, in Paris citizens have not acquired the organ for many years. The city was almost only capital of the world where this musical instrument had been absent. 

It will be interesting:
French people are prohibited to use smartphones in cars
The court of cassation in France prohibited to the drivers to use smartphones even when the car is staying on location.
Carnival in Limoux
Masks, dances, and traditional music penetrate the carnival in Limoux, small and cozy city on the South of France. The carnival has been lasting for three month. Indeed, the performances are at the weekends.
Paris is considered as the most innovative city of the year
European Commission gave Paris the honorable name of European capital of innovations – 2017 and awarded with the prize of 1 million euro.
France proposes to become an owner of ancient chateau for 50 euro
The castle Le Paluel in the South Western France is acclaimed to be auction showpiece. The sales with the purpose to save the destroying mansion will happen on the 21-st of September. The necessary amount is 500 thousand euro, however, the minimal contribution starts from 50 euro.
In Paris the biggest skating ring in the world has been opened
In Paris under the roof of the castle GRAND PALAIS the biggest in the world ice skating ring has been opened with the square of 2700 square meters.
At the railway stations of France the best cooks in the country will work
The best cooks of France will participate in the auction «CHEFS DE GARE» in the course of which the cooking profiles will be represented at the railway stations of the country. This year the auction will happen from the 14-th to 23-rd of October.
Paris can launch its own currency
Nearly thirty French cities have already implemented the idea of the own local currency. Paris is on the turn. The essence of the concept is that citizens of any given city pay their purchases with the currency additional to euro. The stated currency is about to circulate exceptionally within the exact territory.
The astronomers called asteroid in honor of Freddie Mercury
In honor of the leading singer of Queen Freddie Mercury the scientists called asteroid 17473 which had been found in the year of musician’s death.
The murderer of Lennon for the ninth time was refused in early parole
Mark David Chapman who was 35 years ago convicted because of the murder of the leader of ‘The Beatles’ band John Lennon was not able to convince the profile commission in his deserving the early parole.
In France the filming of movies with violence is forbidden
As UNN with the reference to Variety reports, French authorities forbade the filming of cinematographic extracts where the violence is represented. Such a decision is caused by the series of terroristic acts happening in 2015-2016. As the result of them government decided to take measures of extreme safety in the country.
France opened three new travel areas
Antibes, Dijon and La Baule have been included to the list ‘International travel areas’ of France. The stated status means that in these cities tourists may go shopping in the stores up to midnight and on Sundays.
In France the most beautiful village has been chosen
Once again with the help of voting the citizens of France the most beautiful village in the country has been chosen.
Bastille Day
On July 14 France celebrates the French National Day which commemorates the beginning of the French Revolution with the storming of the Bastille fortress.
Eleven-year-old girl will direct opera in Vienna
Eleven-year-old Alma Deutscher will perform with her first full-length opera in Vienna.
Place Vendome in Paris is covered with wheat
In course of high fashion week in Paris French fashion house Chanel covered Place Vendome with wheat.
In Paris the buoyant hotel at Seine is opened
OFF, the buoyant hotel at the main river of French capital which concept was introduced in November 2015 has officially opened its doors.
Tourists are offered to spend night in Eifel Tower
The service for short-term rent of accommodation Home Away (the analogue of Airbnb) offered to its users to spend a night in the aparthotel unit situated in one of the rooms of Eifel Tower.
Guide along Paris of XIX century is compared with the guide Trip Advisor
The list of landmarks which the tourists want to see in Paris has not changed for 119 years. The Daily Mail comes to such a conclusion studying the Karl Baedeker guide produced in 1897.
Grasse perfumers will create aroma with the smell of Provence
The famous perfume house ARTISAN PARFUMEUR will create a set of perfumes with the aromas of France.
In France the castle of Rothschild is being reconstructed
Having been built in the suburbs of Paris in 1856 by Baron James Rothschild, the castle was left by Saudi owners and stood empty for a quarter of century. The building was transformed into the hobo jungle, the place of drug-dealers meeting, and platform for graffitists.
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