EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with film director Doron Paz
OUTLOOK managed to talk to Israeli film director Doron Paz who presented in Kiev his new work JeruZalem. You are welcome to read our interview about search for inspiration in titles of magazine articles, film industry future trends, and reasons of being not fond of critics.
25.11.2017 | top, cinema, Israel
Europe marked the 100th anniversary of Ukrainian diplomacy
The Directorate-General for Rendering Services to Diplomatic Mission and the Scientific Society of History of Diplomacy and International Relations with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the Embassies of Ukraine in Austria, Slovakia and Hungary arranged a series of events on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Ukrainian diplomacy.
23.11.2017 | top, Ukraine, diplomacy
Revolution Day in Mexico
On the third Monday of November Revolution Day is annually celebrated in Mexico. This holiday is established in honor of the anniversary of the beginning of Mexican revolution under the guidance of Francisco Madero in 1910. As the result of this revolution the regime of dictator Dias was toppled while the place of the president was taken by Madero.
In Jordan the scientific forum impressed with the robot-banker
At International scientific forum in Jordan the robot-banker was represented. It is able to remember people and understand human speech because its vocabulary reaches 4.5 thousand words.
17.11.2017 | tecnologies
In London the cemetery became the monument of architecture
Jewish cemetery Willesden at Northern West of London was officially included in the list of the monuments protected by the state. Two years ago British authorities contributed 320 000 pounds (more than $400 000) for restoration of the cemeteries that experts call as the rare example of architecture in the style of gothic Renaissance.
NASA and Uber plan to launch the flying taxi in ten-year period
The companies have made a contract. The trials will start soon.
17.11.2017 | tecnologies
In Kyiv the Embassies of Lithuania and Australia demonstrated the photo exhibition ‘Olegas Truchanas – legend of Lithuania and Australia’
The Embassy of Lithuanian Republic to Ukraine, the Embassy of Australia to Ukraine and National Museum of Taras Shevchenko represented in Kyiv the photo exhibition ‘Olegas Truchanas – legend of Lithuania and Australia’.
17.11.2017 | top, art, diplomacy
Paris is considered as the most innovative city of the year
European Commission gave Paris the honorable name of European capital of innovations – 2017 and awarded with the prize of 1 million euro.
17.11.2017 | France
In Florida the hotel will be built in the form of guitar
The hotel Seminole Hard Rock Hotel&Casino in Florida has decided to embody its name. The new building of the hotel intended for 637 suits will be built in the shape of 137-meter guitar.
Rwanda is recognized as the leader of international tourism
In London the ceremony 2017 World Tourism Award took place on Monday, the 6—th of November. It was brought to the President of Rwanda Paul Kagame in the nomination ‘long-term leadership’, as it is reported by Independent Uganda.
17.11.2017 | tourism
Germany Embassy to Kyiv supported reception dedicated to the Fourth Ukrainian and German forum of products
The event welcomed 40 producers from Germany and Ukraine who presented their production, the representatives of business from all the regions of Ukraine, international organizations and projects, specially-oriented institutes, etc.
14.11.2017 | top, Germany, diplomacy
Father’s day in Estonia
Annually on the second Sunday in Estonia the Father’s day is celebrated.
12.11.2017 | Estonia, family
Weeks of Germany in Kyiv under the support of the Embassy
The Embassy of Federative Republic Germany to Ukraine on the 10-th of November will be arranging the current Germany Weeks in Ukraine. They intend to carry out nearly 70 events in 14 cities of Ukraine.
09.11.2017 | top, Germany, culture, diplomacy
Races at the Cup of Melbourne
This is the most famous event of Australia. The horse races known as the ‘races that stop the nation’ with the horserace betting almost every Australian has done.
Races of cars-veterans in London
In the first weekends of November on the streets of London the old cars arrive so as to compete not only in the speed but also in the beauty and grace.
New York Marathon
The marathon in New York city is one of the largest four marathons in the world.
Giant Omelette Celebration in USA
Since 1985 in the first weekends of November in Abbeville city (state Louisiana state, USA), citizens have Giant Omelette Celebration.
04.11.2017 | USA, eat
Kekri Day in Finland
According to the ancient Finnish religion and national calendar of Finland, Kekri is the holiday dedicated to the end of all the agricultural works and time when the cows are taken to the cowsheds for a winter stand. Kekri is the period when autumn is replaced with the winter.
National Sandwich Day in the USA
Annually on the 3-rd of November in the USA National Sandwich Day is celebrated with the purpose to mark one of the most popular products at American continent. It should be said that today this holiday is popular not only in America but also in many Western countries, and it is not unique.
Culture Day in Japan
The modern Japan is impossible to imagine without the period of Meidzi while it can’t be described without mentioning the emperor Meidzi (from the 3-rd of November, 1852 – the 30-th of July, 1912, the 122-nd emperor of Japan). The Culture day matches his birthday being the national holiday.
03.11.2017 | Japan
Ukraine and United Arab Emirates agreed to have non-visa regime
Ukraine and United Arab Emirates agreed to have non-visa regime which is going to act from December 2017.
Caribbean festival of food and wine
Caribbean festival of food and wine has been going in Turks and Caicos Islands since 2011.
The Embassy of Kazakhstan presented the project on the life of Taras Shevchenko in Kazakhstan
The Embassy of Republic Kazakhstan to Ukraine and Honored council of Kazakhstan to Western Ukraine the project ‘Kobzar in the moors of Kazakhstan’ was fulfilled. It was going about the life and creativity of Taras Shevchenko in the period of its exile in Kazakhstan.
02.11.2017 | top
Independence Day of Antigua and Barbuda
Annually on the 1-st of November the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda from the small island state in Caribbean sea celebrate the main national holiday, Independence Day. This day in 1981 the independence of Antigua and Barbuda of the Great Britain was announced.
Festival of air balloons in Saga
What have you heard about Japan? If you knowledge is limited only with sushi and blossoming sakura, you will be astonished that there is one of the best festivals of air navigation in the world. We have just mentioned International festival of air balloons in Saga where not only pilots go but also the tourists from all the countries.
01.11.2017 | Japan
Ukrainian inventors won Olympiad on ecology in Brazil
Two young Ukrainian inventors got golden awards at International pupil Olympiad on ecology in Brazil. Ekaterina Malkina has invented a new way to recycle polyethylene while Yuriy Pasha is working over the increase of living features of the plants. The achievements of young inventors are considered as the most prospective!
World Savings Day
Today, on the 31-st of October, the World Savings Day of Savings, or Economy Day is celebrated.
31.10.2017 | world
Kazakhstan will completely get from Cyrillic to the Latin alphabet
The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbev signed the agreement on the events of Kazakh language translation from Cyrillic to Latin alphabet till 2025.
As we approach Halloween, the Pranks Night is held
The evening before Halloween, on the 30-th of October, in Northern America and Great Britain is called Night of pranks.
30.10.2017 | holiday, USA, Hallowen
György Oravecz. Interview with Hungarian piano player whose hands floats above the key-buttons
During seven years autumn Kyiv is full of the sounds of breath-taking melodies and touching etudes of the prominent Hungarian composer Ferencz Liszt. It has become a kind tradition for the Embassy of Hungary to invite the best musicians in Ukraine as well as the loyal students of maestro before his birthday. This year the famous piano player György Oravecz came to the capital of Ukraine to perform the legendary plays of Liszt…The project OUTLOOK has been lucky to speak to the famous musician.
27.10.2017 | top, music, Hungary
Throughout the year, the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Ukraine, in cooperation with charitable foundations, holds kindness events. Today, for Kyiv schoolchildren from Special School I-II degrees No. 12, Head of the Political, Economic and Information Department of the Embassy Najla Al-Rais, with the support of the Charity Foundation of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, have prepared special gifts!
26.10.2017 | top, UAE
Independence Day of Zambia
Independence Day of Zambia is celebrated annually on the 24-th of October. This holiday is dedicated to the anniversary of Zambia’s independence of the Great Britain in 1964.
The Ambassador of Hungary to Ukraine organized diplomatic reception
Hungary celebrates two national holidays, such as Memory Day of Hungarian Rebellion (dated back to the 23-rd of October, 1956) and Hungary Republic Announcement Day (that happened in 1989). The capital of Ukraine also joins the celebrations. Beforehand, it was a diplomatic reception in the Embassy of Hungary to Ukraine.
24.10.2017 | top, Hungary
Australia will have not produced the cars anymore
On the 20-th of October in Adelaide city the last car production plant of Australia closed.
Presentation for Ukrainian representatives of shoes industry in the Embassy of Uzbekistan
The Embassy of Uzbekistan to Ukraine supported by the association Uzcharmpoyabzali and Ukrshkirvzutteprom as well as Trade and Commercial Chamber of Ukraine, Ukrlegprom and Union of Ukrainian entrepreneurs organized the business meeting between Uzbek and Ukrainians. In the course of it more than 60 representatives from 23 enterprises of leather and shoes industry of both countries took part as well as representatives of the Commercial networks in Ukraine.
23.10.2017 | top
Multifaceted palette of peace in Kiev. OUTLOOK WORLD CULTURE FESTIVAL gathered guests and friends for the fourth time. Part 2
Looking through thousands of photos capturing the bright emotions of our guests, again and again we recall that day, filled with vivid colours, pleasant meetings and merry laughter. Today, together with you, we would like once again recall the OUTLOOK WORLD CULTURE FESTIVAL 2017.
17.10.2017 | top, festival, culture, diplomacy, OUTLOOK
The representatives of the Embassy of Argentina to Ukraine visited the opening of tango performance in Kyiv dancing studio
The representatives of the Embassy of Argentina to Ukraine supported the initiative of Ukrainians in the popularization of Argentinean culture in Ukraine. The dancing school Frizzante has taken up the course on tango, the main heritage of Latin American country. The dancing evening was accompanied by the tasting of Argentinean wine Malbec and Torrontes. The respectable guests of the celebration became the secretary of Embassy, Martin Castro as well as the employers of culture department. Apart from the performances of the professionals who demonstrated the virtuous body flexibility, everybody who wanted was able to get deeper into the fundamentals of vigorous dance. The owner of school Larisa Osipenko greeted the guests. She remarked that it was a great honor for her to meet the representatives of sunny state at her event and rejoice Ukrainians with Argentinean parties.
13.10.2017 | top
The embassy of Uzbekistan represented production of car building industry in Ukraine
The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Republic Uzbekistan Alisher Abdualiev introduced the cars to the guests. This project was created by the enterprises of the structure ‘Uzavtoprom’. Near the Embassy it was the demonstration platform of the possibilities inherent to the cars RAVON: R-2, R-4 and Ravon-Gentra.
10.10.2017 | top, diplomacy
Versatile palette of the nations in Kyiv. OUTLOOK WORLD CULTURE FESTIVAL gathered guests and friends for the fourth time
Perhaps, nothing could make the event organizer happier than thousands of radiant smiles of the festival visitors. As you know, out events always cause big interest, but we could not expect for such a number of people who wanted to celebrate the festival with us. It inspires and encourages to expand the scale and square every time.
10.10.2017 | top, festival
Day of Unity in the embassy of Germany
The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Republic Germany to Ukraine Ernst Reichel along with his wife invited guests to celebrate the holiday, official union of Western and Eastern Germany. Mr Reichel recognized the step forward made by Ukraine in the direction of Europe. Particularly, it goes about the agreement on Association with European Union: ‘The agreement will maintain the support and consulting, political collaboration and Ukraine will get closer to the standards of European Union in many areas’.
09.10.2017 | top, Germany, diplomacy, Kyiv
The Embassy of Hungary announced the creative autumn
In Kyiv it was the press conference under the support of embassy of Hungary to Ukraine. It was dedicated to the bright Hungarian creativity in autumn 2017. The Ambassador of Hungary to Ukraine Erno Keshken started the meeting expressing greetings and announcing the program of cultural events planned in Kyiv with the support and interactivity of Hungarian diplomats. He made an emphasis on the importance of common projects of our countries.
02.10.2017 | top, diplomacy
In Kyiv it was a press conference with the foreign diplomats in International investment forum ‘InCo-2017’
The press conference that announced International investment forum ‘InCo-2017’ happened on the 26-th of September in media center Directorate-General for Rendering Services to Diplomatic Missions. In the event the visitors listened to the speeched of CEO of Directorate-General for Rendering Services to Diplomatic Missions Pavlo Krivonos, the head of Management of international affairs and external activity of Ukraine from Zaporizhzhya Administration Artur Boyko, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Republic Bulgaria to Ukraine Krasimir Minchev, Vice President of Zaporizhzhya commercial chamber Dmitro Antonyuk and the head of the project OUTLOOK Darya Karyakina.
29.09.2017 | top, diplomacy, Kyiv
The Embassy of Indonesia to Ukraine appareled the monument of queen Anna in Kyiv in the traditional wedding dress of Bali woman
The Embassy of Republic Indonesia to Ukraine under the auspices of Kyiv city administration caused a new tradition to change the clothes on the queen Anna monument at Lviv square in national dresses of different countries. The first dress in the wardrobe became the traditional wedding dress of Bali woman.
28.09.2017 | top, diplomacy, Indonesia
The Embassy of Kazakhstan to Ukraine organized a ‘round table’ dedicated to the 25-th anniversary of diplomatic relations
On the 27-th of September, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Republic Kazakhstan to Ukraine Samat Ordabaev organized a ‘round table’ in Kyiv. The event was dedicated to the 25-th anniversary of diplomatic relations between our countries. There were heads of diplomatic missions, people’s deputies of Verkhovna Rada, executives of authorities of Ukraine, the representatives of creative and scientific regions, business communities, as mass media.
28.09.2017 | top, Ukraine, diplomacy, Kazakhstan
Asiada-2017 in Photos
On the ground of Ashkhabad OUTLOOK observed the beginning and course of legendary sports holiday at the Fifth Asian Indoors and Martial Arts Games which awarded all the guests with the spectacular show. After the finish, the tournament table honors the real winners-hosts of the event. The team of Turkmenistan won 245 awards among which there were 89 golden, 70 silver, and 86 bronze.
28.09.2017 | top
Airports of Europe will bring segways and hydroscooters
To make transition of passengers faster in case that flight is delayed, the company-producer Skycop will bring its transport ways to hire.
25.09.2017 | travel
In Thailand vapers are waiting for the fine and prison
Thai laws have strict punishment for delivery, saving and usage of electronic cigarettes within the territory of their country.
25.09.2017 | travel, Thailand
The team of Turkmenistan maintains leadership on the number of medals won at the fifth Asiada
At the fifth Asian Indoors and Martial Arts Games there were competitions on twelve sports activities that brought Turkmenian sportsmen 18 medals more including 8 ones of the purest unit. The selected team of Turkmenistan takes the first place in the total medal account because upon the results of the competitions it has got 193 awards among which 77 are golden, 54 are silver, and 62 are bronze.
The affiliate unit of Paris Louvre in United Arab Emirates is built
In Abu Dhabi on the 11-th of November there will be official opening of the museum that has built for eight years.
25.09.2017 | travel, UAE, Louvre
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