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Public transport in Germany could become free-of-charge
Free-of-charge trip by buses, trams, and underground will appear in five German cities. To improve the ecology, the federal government of the country and regional municipalities are planning to extend the project to all the country.
21.02.2018 | Germany
The holiday of pork bacon crisps ‘Ciccioli in piazza’ in San Martino in Rio
A funny culinary holiday of pork bacon crisps will take place on the central streets of San Martino in Rio streets on the 11-th of March 2018.
20.02.2018 | Italy
The laureates of BAFTA cinema award are acclaimed
British academy of cinema and TV arts proclaimed the laureates of BAFTA award.
National day of cherry pie in the USA
Annually on the 20-th of February in the USA such not official holiday as National day of cherry pie is celebrated.
20.02.2018 | USA
Drinking water in Germany will become purer
Germany has launched the new legislative act on improvement of the drinking plumbing water quality.
Municipal authorities in Netherlands want to chip all the domestic cats
37 municipal legislative meetings in Netherland expressed a proposal to make it compulsory to chip the domestic cats along with the dogs.
19.02.2018 | Netherlands
In Budapest the art museum will be opened after restoration
In October 2018 the museum of invention arts will accept the first visitors after three-year-old restoration.
18.02.2018 | Budapest
Random Acts of Kindness Day
Random Acts of Kindness Day is non-official international holiday celebrated annually in different organizations all over the world while in New Zealand it happens on all-national level.
There are cities with which "the game is not over yet", says Anton Ravitsky about unexplored destinations, and trips that did not inspire us at first sight. Handsome showman, the host of morning show on the ICTV channel and the most charming Odessa native, shared with us secrets of his distant wanderings and pleasant impressions of visits to various countries...
17.02.2018 | ON SUITCASES
American woman was put out of the plane for quarrel with mother of baby
American woman threw a tantrum in the plane because of the woman with child sitting nearby. As the result, she was taken away in the airport.
New York artists won by court action nearly $ 7 million for painted out graffiti
In New York the group of artists won by court almost $ 7 million from the building owning company for graffiti painted out on the cult building 5pointz.
15.02.2018 | New York
In Milan 18-year-old guy saved a child who failed on the rail of underground station
His name is Lorenzo Pianazza, he lives in Milan and he is only 18 years old. Yesterday this young Italian man committed truly heroic deed. Lorenzo saved 2-year-old boy who had fallen on the rails of the underground station.
15.02.2018 | Italia
Eastern express will connected Azerbaijan and Georgia
The first passenger train Baku-Tbilisi-Istanbul-Aleksandropolis-Vienna will take its first route in May 2018.
Two passenger trains crashed in Austria
Two passenger trains bumped into each other in Austrian community Niklasdorf.
The pensioner took 300 cats in his house
The citizen of American city Medford, New York state took nearly 300 cats in his house. The edition Daily Mail reports about that.
14.02.2018 | New York
French people are prohibited to use smartphones in cars
The court of cassation in France prohibited to the drivers to use smartphones even when the car is staying on location.
13.02.2018 | France
International Radio Day
International Radio Day is the new holiday. Firstly it was celebrated only in 2012. UNESCO made decision to arrange it in 2011.
Child with Down syndrome became the face of baby food brand
This year a boy, one and a half years old, with Down syndrome became the face of American brand Gerber that produces baby food.
In Vilnius the new market Benedikto turgus opened
In Vilnius the new market Benedikto turgus opened the new market. It is situated on the Ukmerges street where the burned farm market used to be placed.
Near Finland there is the first female resort
This year in the summer the new resort on the island near Finland is going to open. The access to men is forbidden there.
In Kyiv the underground station ‘Petrovka’ was renamed to ‘Pochaina’
The deputies of Kyiv city council voted for the renaming of capital underground station ‘Petrovka’ to ‘Pochaina’.
Amsterdam introduces new rules for the tours along district De Wallen
Since the 1-st of April the authorities of Amsterdam make ratcheted up the requirements of the excursions along De Wallen, the red-light district. The time and allowed for tours and the sizes of groups will change. For the comfort of the citizens and employees of the district there are travel prohibitions. For breaking of them one has to pay the fine.
The best chief of Europe is chosen
The chief Sebastian Frank became the winner of the prestigious gastronomic festival MADRIDFUSION in nomination ‘The best chief of Europe 2018’.
Spain will fine tourists for drinking bouts
The authorities of Palma, the capital of Spanish Majorca, will limit the sale of alcohol in the summer season so that drunk bad-tempered tourists could not flood the city.
10.02.2018 | Spain
In Scotland the traffic jam happened on the road because of the seal pup
On the North East of Scotland in the county Aberdeenshire the traffic jam started after the seal pup tried to cross one of the riverside roads.
09.02.2018 | Scotland
Carnival in Mexico
Carnival week in Mexico is the event which is more wonderful than anything else.
09.02.2018 | Mexico
Germans created shorts against abusers
German designer Sandra Seilz from Oberhausen who survived in attack of the abusers and had a narrow escape offered women innovative shorts that protect from the abuse.
Unique tomb of sacrificer from Ancient Kingdom is found in Egypt
Egyptian archaeologists found out the tomb aged nearly 4.4 thousand years where the sacrificer had been buried.
In London the house of two meters in width is being sold
Its width is only 2.3 meters. The house is situated in London, in the district SW11 (location Battersea and Clapham Junction. It costs one million pounds. The company Savills deals with the sale of the house.
On Balearic islands plastic will be forbidden
The authorities of Balearic archipelago in Spain (including Majorca, Menorca, and Ibiza) are planning to get rid of the plastic rubbish till 2020.
Play of Minsk Film Actor’s Studio Theater under support of Embassy of Belarus in the capital
In Kyiv academic theater of drama and comedy under support of Embassy of Belarus to Ukraine and Kyiv city governmental administration it was the play ‘Marriage contract’ of Minsk Film Actor’s Studio Theater. The performance was going in the frame of the tour in Ukraine.
07.02.2018 | art, Belarus, diplomacy
In Kyiv Kuwait Day of Culture has started
In Kyiv on the 5-th of February Culture Days of Kuwait started. They are dedicated to the 25-th anniversary of diplomatic relations between our countries. All the events will go under the support of the Embassy of Kuwait to Ukraine and personally Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Mr Rashid Hammad Al Advani.
07.02.2018 | culture, diplomacy, Kuwait
In Vilnius the elusive artist was caught
The police of Vilnius caught 13 people with the elusive street artist Solomon among them. This action happened in the frame of case on the illegal drawing on the buildings of Lithuanian capital.
07.02.2018 | Vilnius
The peacock did not get a permission to fly from New York to Los Angeles
American company United Airlines did not give a permission to take the peacock in the plane that departed from New York with arrival in Los Angeles.
The citizen of Italy got significant fine because she used somebody’s photo for social media profile
The citizen of Pordenone has to pay the fine in the amount of 3750 euro plus legal costs.
The President of Finland will become father being 69
The President of Finland Sauli Niinistö who had been re-elected to a second term again became father being 69 years old.
In Rome the carnival will happen
The carnival will happen not only in Venice but also in other cities of Italy, including the capital.
06.02.2018 | Rome
In New Zealand the loneliest bird died
In New Zealand on the desert island Mana the solan called Nangel died.
05.02.2018 | New Zealand
In Iceland the name Andrej is forbidden
The popular among Slavic nations Greek name Andrej did not appear in the list of names which are allowed to be given to the children in Iceland.
05.02.2018 | Iceland
Polish shops will stop working on Sundays
In Polish since the 1-st of March the trade on Sundays will have been limited.
05.02.2018 | Poland
Diplomatic Cup of Nordic Skiing
The 4th annual Nordic skiing competition for diplomats and all comers organized by the Ukrainian Ski Club in cooperation with the Embassies of Switzerland, Austria, Norway and Sweden under the auspices of Fischer, one of largest manufacturer of skis in Ukraine, took place on January 28 in the park of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”.
02.02.2018 | diplomacy
A lazy postman collected half a ton of letters
During eight years the postman from Italian city Vicenza has carried the letters of people to his own home. The policemen found out more than half a ton of the letters which he had not given to the recipients.
In Spain the retired person stole a medal from Olympic champion
Catalonian police arrested 80-year-old citizen Cornelia de Libregat (Barcelona) who is accused of stealing the medal from Olympic champion from France.
The wild animal illegally crossed the border
The wild elephant crossed the border between China and Laos. The animal moved beyond the barrier and passed near the confused guards who did not stop it.
In Germany 44 tons of chocolate was stolen
In German city Freiburg the criminals stole two vans with the chocolate bars.
Carnival in Rome
The carnival will take part not only in Venice but also in other cities of Italy, including the capital.
The citizens and guests of Prague will become the characters of Kafka’s novel
Since 24-th of January everybody who wants will be able to feel like Gregor Samsa. He had woken up, then understood that transformed into bug.
17.01.2018 | literature
In Lapland the hotel is opened themed on Games of Thrones
In Lapland city Kittila there is hotel themed on ‘Game of Thrones’. All the suits, bar and cinema in Snow Village are made from the snow and ice. Not to mention the glasses for the beverages!
17.01.2018 | tourism
The scientists tell that a person can fly to Mars only once without taking risk
Flying to Mars and back a person will get approximately 60 percent of the radiation doze that is considered acceptable for the astronaut in his entire career. Russian and Bulgarian scientists came to such a conclusion on the basis of the data received from the machine Trace Gas Orbiter of mission ‘Eksomars’.
17.01.2018 | science
Italian fog is being sold in the USA and Great Britain
Italian fog in the tins started being sold in the USA and Great Britain.
17.01.2018 | nature
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