Brighter than thousand emeralds. Exhibition in Kiev is dedicated to famous Ukrainian Katerina Desnitskaya - the wife of the Prince of Thailand
Katerina Desnitskaya came from Volhyn. However, in the world she is known as the princess of Thailand, the wife of Prince Chakrabon. This extraordinary Ukrainian woman is known for her fearlessness and strength of spirit. It was not for nothing that during the Russo-Japanese War, she abandoned the tempting offer to live in luxury and wealth and went to the front to work as a nurse. On her return, fate rewarded her for her courage. The story of her love still fascinates those who love happy stories.
04.06.2018 | diplomacy
"200 years ago the word "freedom" originated in the hearts of Argentines. First it was pronounced in a whisper, and then it turned into a loud voice"- Argentine Ambassador Alberto Jose Alonso
In honor of the 200th anniversary of the Independence of Argentina, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Alberto Jose Alonso held a solemn diplomatic reception with the participation of representatives of the diplomatic offices of Ukraine, Deputy Foreign Minister, representatives of state bodies, and the community.
04.06.2018 | diplomacy
"It's hard to find another state that Georgians love just like Ukraine”, said Ambassador Gela Dumbadze
In honor of the Independence Day of Georgia and the 100th anniversary of the proclamation of the Democratic Republic of Georgia, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Gela Dumbadze gave a solemn diplomatic reception.
01.06.2018 | diplomacy
Ambassador of the Republic of India presented a book entitled “Understanding Indian Philosophy through Modern Science”
On May 29 at the Media Center of “GDIP” SE, the presentation of the book written by Manoj Kumar Bharti, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of India to Ukraine entitled "Understanding Indian Philosophy through Modern Science" took place.
31.05.2018 | India, diplomacy
A new square was given toUkrainian capital. Prime Ministers of Bulgaria and Ukraine attended the event
In Kiev, with the support of the Embassy of Bulgaria, Dimitra Peshev, a Bulgarian politician, who is revered as the "righteous man of the world", was named. The grand opening of the park took place with the participation of the Prime Ministers of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov, Ukraine - Vladimir Groisman, Kiev City Mayor Vitaliy Klichko, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Bulgaria to Ukraine Krasimir Minchev, representatives of the Bulgarian Diaspora.
30.05.2018 | diplomacy
Bulgarian ambassador opens exhibition "Light of letters" in Kiev
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Bulgaria to Ukraine Krasimir Minchev opened the "Light of the Lights" exhibition at the National Historical and Architectural Museum "Kiev Fortress", specially created to celebrate the anniversary of the Great Moravian mission of the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius.
25.05.2018 | diplomacy, Bulgaria
«Frida and Diego». Photo exhibition in Kyiv is dedicated to Frida Kahlo and her spouse
"Dali in a skirt", "The greatest provoker of the last century", shocking and inspiring confidence in the almost limitless potential of man, Frida Kahlo surprised contemporaries and continues to admire the admirers of her work today. The people of Kiev can now look behind the scenes of the life of the Mexican genius. With the support of the Embassy of Mexico in Ukraine in the National Museum named after Taras Shevchenko an exhibition of photographs devoted to the relations between Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera was opened.
24.05.2018 | art, diplomacy, Mexico
Belgian won 17 million euros in a lottery
A resident of Belgium won 17 million euros in the European lottery EuroMillions.
20.05.2018 | Belgium
Zaragoza turned into an open-air gallery
Today we can say with confidence that Zaragoza spearheads the urban art and modern culture in Spain.
At the exhibition in Germany, standing chairs for aircraft have been represented
At the forum Aircraft Interiors Expo 2018 in Hamburg, a new model of aircraft seats Skyrider 2.0 is presented. The development of the seats involved Italian company Aviointeriors Group.
19.05.2018 | Germany
New York subway has issued travel cards with David Bowie
The streaming service Spotify along with the New York Metro, produced travel cards with photos of David Bowie. Moreover, the Broadway / Lafayette station, near which the musician lived for some time, was decorated with images of Bowie and posters with quotes from his songs.
19.05.2018 | New York
The main symbol of Brussels is chosen
In Brussels, the main symbol of the city was chosen.
18.05.2018 | Brussel
IKEA released a collection of suits from upholstery fabrics
The network of furniture and household goods stores IKEA first released a collection of clothes. A series of men's and women's suits-triples was designed by British designer William Hunt.
Prague will limit the movement of bicycles
The authorities of Prague have banned bicycle rides in the daytime, the historic center of the city.
17.05.2018 | Prague
In Italy, the cat became a millionaire
In Italy, the cat Pilou inherited from the hostess € 1.5 million.
A truck with liquid chocolate overturned in Poland
In Poland, a truck with liquid chocolate overturned on the road. The reasons for the circumstances are being clarified.
On the islands of Tremiti forbade the use of plastic dishes
From the 1-st of May, the decree signed by the mayor Antonio Fentini after the publication of the study of the University of Genoa came into force: on the shores of the islands the concentration of microplastic is one of the highest in Italy.
The Norwegians built the most beautiful public toilet
In Norway, the most beautiful public toilet in the world was built.
The Embassy of Kyrgyzstan to Ukraine organized literal visual evening of Chingiz Aitmatov
Especially for the anniversary date of the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic organized a reception in honor of classic literature and well organized presentation of "Manas" Kyrgyz national epic. In 2018 marks the 90th anniversary of the classic and the 10 years since then as the author is not, in this regard, in Kyrgyzstan and a number of friendly countries at the national level, there is his birthday.
14.05.2018 | diplomacy
Forest in Croatia was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List
Beech forest in the national parks of Croatia "North Velebit" and "Paklenica" was included in the list of World Heritage properties.
Birds - turtles of ninjas appeared in Britain
A couple of rare songbirds, the Javan Green Forty, settled in the Newquay Zoo in the British Cornwall.
In Venice, street food will be banned
In the next three years in Venice, there will be a ban on opening points with street food.
International Hummus Day
Hummus is an appetizer of mashed potatoes, popular in the Middle East. Recently, it is becoming more popular in other countries, especially among vegetarians and adherents of the gluten-free diet. There is even the International Day of Hummus, which is celebrated on the 13-th of May.
National Mill Day in the Netherlands
Every year on the second Saturday of May in the Netherlands there is an interesting holiday - National Mill Day. On this day, more than 600 mills of the country open their doors for visitors, and anyone can get to know this symbol of the Netherlands more closely.
The cleanest beaches in Italy are selected
This year even more Italian beaches received the prestigious "blue flag" award.
Birthday of the American Film Academy
On the 11-th of May, 1927 in Hollywood American Film Academywas established, which gave the world the most prestigious award in its area - Oscar.
In Kiev, the Motherland Monumentis dressed in a wreath of poppies
By the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation, the monument "Motherland" in Kiev was decorated with a luxurious wreath of poppies. It is this flower that is a symbol of the memory of those killed in the Second World War.
Cannes will open a stellar pop-up bar
By tradition in Cannes for the time of the film festival opens Mouton Cadet Wine Bar.
111 years ago the world's first telecast came on screens
Modern life is hard to be imagined without television, so the 9-th of May is truly historic in this area.
Beer Festival in the Czech Republic
The festival offers the best products of traditional Czech breweries, meat and bread enterprises. Here you can try more than 100 brands of beer of the highest quality from real glass beer mugs.
Düsseldorf opened medical courses for children
In Düsseldorf, medical courses for children are provided for first aid.
08.05.2018 | Germany
International Red Cross Day
The 8-th of May is known as the International Day of the Red Cross and the Crescent, announced in honor of the founder of the organization Jean Henri Dunant.
At the University of Tartu, a robotic student is trained
An unusual student, robot Pepper, entered the University of Tartu. He has to unlearn the entire spring semester.
08.05.2018 | Tartu
Anfistory in Cyprus
The festival of flowers in Cyprus or Anfestiria is not just a holiday, but a tribute to the extraordinary riches of the nature of this island.
Derby in Kentucky
Derby in Kentucky is one of the most prestigious events held for two weeks in Lewisville. This is a one-and-one-and-a-quarter-mile race at the Churchill racetrack, in which only purebred horses of three years old are allowed to participate. This is the first phase of the Triple Crown competition in the US.
On this day Chanel №5 was produced
On the 5-th of May, 1921 the international public was presented with the most famous fragrance - Chanel No. 5.
Embassy of Turkey to Ukraine opened Turkish cinema days with film Chinar
The Embassy of Turkey in Ukraine and personally Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Jonet Jan Tezel in the Cultural Center "Cinema Kiev" opened Days of Turkish cinema. The Turkish Embassy conducts events that demonstrate the cultural diversity and heritage of this country on an ongoing basis.
05.05.2018 | Turkey, diplomacy
National animal of Estonia is chosen
The commission of interest groups of Estonia chose the wolf as a national animal.
Flower Festival in Hiroshima
Every year in early May, Hiroshima organizes a bright festival, which is dedicated only to flowers. This is the famous Flower Festival in Hiroshima, which attracts more than 1.5 million people every year.
Day of proclamation of restoration of independence of Latvia
On the 4-th of May, Latvia celebrates the state holiday - the Day of Proclamation of the Declaration on Restoring the Independence of the Republic of Latvia. It is dedicated to the restoration of Latvia's independence in 1990 and is a national holiday. The independence of the Republic of Latvia was first proclaimed on the 18-th of November, 1918.
Parrot Festival in France
The parrot festival is held in Upper Garonne on the first weekend of May, starting from Friday, and collects about 40 archers, clad in medieval clothes. They must fall from the bow in the semigram of a log parrot, placed on the top of a 45-meter mast. The shooter, who manages to shoot a bird, becomes the king of the holiday.
In Venice, it is planned to introduce a "visit tax"
Having lived through the flow of travelers for Easter, the authorities of Venice started talking about the need to limit the access of non-night tourists to the city. If there is no possibility of not letting them, then they will be charged for the visit.
03.05.2018 | Venice
For the first time a bicyclist reached the North Pole
Russian Bogdan Bulychev reached the northernmost point of the planet and set two world records: first, he reached the North Pole by bicycle, and secondly, he managed to make the fastest bicycle trip around the world in history as he coped with this task for 48 seconds.
The day of the worker's solidarity
On the 1-st of May in 86 countries the world celebrates the International Day of Workers' Solidarity.
01.05.2018 | holiday
Lei Day in Hawaii
On the 1-st of May, the inhabitants of Hawaii celebrate Lei Day with the flower garlands, which are one of the symbols of Hawaii and an indispensable attribute of the meeting of visitors to the island.
01.05.2018 | Hawaii
Walpurgis Night
Today, after midnight, Walpurgis Night will descend to Earth - according to legend, it is the most mysterious and mystical night of the year.
Day of Akhalteke horse in Turkmenistan
Today in Turkmenistan celebrate the day of the Akhal-Teke horse - the national pride of the state.
Sueva's Day in Japan
Every year on the 29-th of April Japan celebrates the state holiday - Day of the Sueva. It is celebrated on the birthday of Emperor Hirohito in memory of the period of his reign.
29.04.2018 | Japan
Birthday of Princess Benedikte in Denmark
The 29-th of April in Denmark is celebrated as the birthday of Princess Benedikte Danish, younger sister of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. Like the rest of the birthdays of members of the royal family, it is not an official weekend, but, nevertheless, is included in the number of holidays.
29.04.2018 | Denmark
International Labor Day
The 28-th of April is the International Labor Day. This date was proclaimed in 2003 in memory of people who died in the workplace.
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