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In London the cemetery became the monument of architecture

Author: 17.11.2017
Jewish cemetery Willesden at Northern West of London was officially included in the list of the monuments protected by the state. Two years ago British authorities contributed 320 000 pounds (more than $400 000) for restoration of the cemeteries that experts call as the rare example of architecture in the style of gothic Renaissance.

Necropolis was open in 1873, it became the place of repose for numerous famous people. Particularly, there are graves of more than dozen representatives of the clan Rothschild, including Lionel Nathan Rothschild, the first Jew, the member of British parliament; the main rabbi of British Empire German Adler; the governor of Hong Kong Sir Matthew Nathan and Prime Minister of New Zealand Sir Julius Vogel; the first Supreme Commissar of Palestine Sir Herbert Samuel; the richest woman in Britain of the end of XIX century Hanna Raspberry; the banker and founder of Shell Oil Markus Samuel, the founder of international network of shopping malls Tesco Jack Cohan; the co-author of structure DNA discovery Rosalinda Franklin, etc.

Within the territory there are graves of Jewish soldiers who died in the First and Second World Wars as well as the first in the Great Britain Jewish military memorial dedicated to those who died in the years of Holocaust.

The new status of necropolis included more than 20 thousand of graves ‘will help to save it for the next generations so as to make them appreciate the Jewish contribution in British society’, marked the administrator of cemetery David Caplan.

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