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Georgia made a patent on Chacha, khachapuri, and suluguni cheese

Author: 09.01.2018 | Georgia
National center of intellectual possession of Georgia (‘Sakpatenti’) made a patent on the trademarks of thirty names of national products. The head of the center Irakli Gvaladze reported about that.

‘Particularly, the patent was taken out for ‘chacha’ (grape vodka), ‘khachapuri’ (bread with the cheese), ‘churchhela’ (sweet food from the threaded nuts in resinous grape juice), ‘suluguni’ (flaky cheese), etc. In total there are thirty products’, he told.

The head of ‘Sakpatenti’ noticed that he has recently faced the problem of assignment of Georgian national brands in the countries of Eastern Europe and especially in Russia. For instance, there were several attempts to register ‘khachapuri’ and ‘suliguni’.

‘It creates the serious problems registering products created directly in Georgia’, claimed Gvaladze.

In his opinion, the registration of national brands will continue in the future. ‘Firstly, we have already registered the names of the products but in the future it is planned to register other famous Georgian brands’, said the head of ‘Sakpatenti’.

Earlier, in August Georgia returned trademark of popular wine ‘Khvanchkara’ that in 2005 it was assigned by the patent bureau of the USA to the company Dozortsev&sons. Next, it prevented the claim to the trademark of one more Georgian wine, ‘Kindzmarauli’ having gained possibility to export the wines of these marks to American market.

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