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Carnival in Limoux

Author: 10.01.2018 | France
Masks, dances, and traditional music penetrate the carnival in Limoux, small and cozy city on the South of France. The carnival has been lasting for three month. Indeed, the performances are at the weekends.

The story of carnival Limoux harkens back to XIV century when millers were released from the contributions made to Dominican Monastery on Shrove Tuesday. The millers went from their millings enjoying this event. They walked along the city throwing flour and glazed almond to the passers-by. Then, having drunk and eaten a lot, they started dancing copying the movements from the wine growers who made steps pressing the grape juice. The tradition became widespread, and in the modern carnival the groups dressed in millers also go along the streets of Limoux. But they throw sweets, not flour.

The carnival has been lasting for three months only at the weekends. It is compulsory rule due to which all the groups-participants get possibility to go on the streets. In total, there are 24 groups, and at one weekend only two groups perform.

The main attributes of the carnival are mask, gestures, and music. The gestures were borrowed from the dance of wine growers, and mask from the millers. The music is traditional for Limoux.

First and foremost, the carnival is interesting due to the groups coming to the streets of the city. The group of millers is the most essential. The millers could be easily recognized in accordance with their suits, particularly, white caps, shirts, and trousers with red scarves. Also the millers hold in arms ropes and carry on the shoulders bags with flour.

The group feko includes representatives of similar profession or ordinary people from one district or the same age. The members of groups are dressed in the same suits and masks. Generally, there are 24 of them. Each weekends they come in a number of two groups.

Also, there are gudilses, the people in different suits and masks. They walk in small groups and are able to make jokes over spectators, dance with them or even kid. They do not follow the order of carnival like feko.

The noisy performances of two groups happen every weekend. In the last day of the carnival they burn stuffed animal symbolizing the verily carnival. It gets verdict on Occitan language, the local dialect. The burning of the doll means the end to the disorders that last in the city for almost three months. 

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