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Amsterdam introduces new rules for the tours along district De Wallen

Author: 11.02.2018
Since the 1-st of April the authorities of Amsterdam make ratcheted up the requirements of the excursions along De Wallen, the red-light district. The time and allowed for tours and the sizes of groups will change. For the comfort of the citizens and employees of the district there are travel prohibitions. For breaking of them one has to pay the fine.

Introducing the new rules, the municipality has to, at first, decrease the number of tourists in the historical district of Amsterdam. Secondly, it should prevent disorders and irregularities. Also it must make the travelers respect the local citizens, particularly, the sex workers.

Limitations will touch, first of all, excursions with the guide from 5 to 20 people. They will need an official permission of the city council to visit the red-light district. The only tourist should pay € 190 for breaking new rules while the company of travelers - € 950:

1. Excursion along De Wallen may last till 11 pm.

2. The travel groups should not clutter traffic, get stuck on the bridges or near the entrances in the shops.

3. It is forbidden to take photos of the sex-workers. The guides should revise if tourists stay back-first to sex-workers and shop windows.

4. The loud sounds, screams, taking alcohol and drugs are forbidden during the tours.

5. Before the beginning of the tour the guide should reflect respect towards the citizens, entrepreneurs, and sex-workers.

Now the authorities of the tow are thinking about launching additional entertaining tax for visit of district.

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