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In Kyiv the underground station ‘Petrovka’ was renamed to ‘Pochaina’

Author: 12.02.2018
The deputies of Kyiv city council voted for the renaming of capital underground station ‘Petrovka’ to ‘Pochaina’.

The underground station ‘Petrovka’ is renamed in ‘Pochaina’ in compliance with the name of river ‘Pochaina’ that is one of the most ancient in Kyiv. The appropriate decision was chosen by 70 deputies.

The underground station ‘Petrovka’ was opened in 1980. It has got its name from the railway station nearby that, in its turn, received it from the name of Podol in 1920-1930. The name is originated from the surname of the famous revolutionary, Soviet party activist, the head of All-Ukrainian central executive committee of G.I. Petrovsky. 

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