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International Radio Day

Author: 13.02.2018
International Radio Day is the new holiday. Firstly it was celebrated only in 2012. UNESCO made decision to arrange it in 2011.

The date has been chosen not accidentally. On the 13-th of February 1946, Radio of United Nations started working. Its station was situated in headquarter of United Nations Organization.

As the founders of the holiday tell, it should encourage the strengthening the collaboration between everybody who has is somehow connected with the radio, whether it is large broadcasting company or amateurs. UNESCO calls for all the countries to take part actively in the International Radio Day.

This holiday is honored in many states included in UNESCO. There are various events with the broadcasting companies. Also this day every person who loves radio had better send many radio congratulations to their fellows who share this amusement all over the world.

Apart from International Radio Day established by UNESCO, those who love this kind of connected also celebrate International Day of Radio Users. It is celebrated on the 18-th of April. Verily this day in 1925 in Paris International Radio users union was created. Actually, it became the initiator of the holiday. In several countries, including Russia, people celebrate also Radio Day. This date is more familiar for the citizens of those countries than International Radio Day and International Radio User. In the meantime, Radio Day in our country is celebrated on the 7-th of May. This day in 1895 Russian physics Aleksander Popov carried out the first session of radio connection.

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