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Tajik Mass Media Day

Author: 11.03.2018
Every year, on the 11-th of March people celebrate Tajik Mass Media Day, a professional holiday of journalists of the Republic of Tajikistan. The roots of the holiday harken back to 1912, when the first periodical in the Tajik language was published.

The first Tajik newspaper in the national language was called "Sacred Bukhara", but soon after its creation it was closed due to the fact that the Bukharian Emir did not like the way. The next periodical, already under the Soviet regime, was the newspaper "Tajik holiday", which appeared in 1925.

It is interesting that the newspaper "Tajik holiday" exists and now, however, is already called in another way, "Chumhuriyat." This newspaper has been funded by the state since its inception, just as it is today.

Day of the Tajik press is now recognized as an occasion for journalists of Tajikistan to meet and discuss the concept of development of the national press. At such meetings, attention is also paid to the development of the Internet in the country, because open access to the global network will allow not only residents of Tajikistan, but also all comers, regardless of the side, to read electronic versions of books and periodicals in Farsi.

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