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In Estonia everybody who wants could study Estonian language

Author: 12.03.2018 | Estonia
Since the 5-th of March in Estonia, the course of Estonian language online-program Speakly has become free-of-charge.

The course is taught in Russian, English, German and French and includes memorizing new words, learning grammar, exercises in spoken language.

Free Estonian language training on this program was made possible by the Estonian Integration Foundation. This was done on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, celebrated this year.

According to the Minister of Culture of Estonia Indrek Saar, every Estonian is an important and valuable bearer of Estonian culture.

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It will be interesting:
Independence Day of Estonia
Every year on February 24, Estonia celebrates the main national holiday, Estonian Independence Day, in honor of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence of the country in Tallinn in 1918.
Father’s day in Estonia
Annually on the second Sunday in Estonia the Father’s day is celebrated.
It is the first time when a woman became the president of Estonia
Kersti Kaljulaid became the first woman in the history of Estonia who took the position of the national head.
Holiday of Pyartel in Estonia
In Estonia on the 24-th of August, it is celebrated one of the most popular holidays – the Day of Pyartel (Pärtlipäev).
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