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White Day

Author: 14.03.2018
In Japan, Korea and Taiwan on the 14-th of March, people celebrate the so-called White Day - a kind of respond to the 14-th of February, when women present gifts to men in these countries. In their turn, men give presents to women.

Not being an official holiday, White day is still very popular. This holiday appeared in 1965, when one of the Japanese confectionery companies organized an advertising campaign, which called on men to reimburse the chocolate gifts received for the 14-th of February with their white marshmallow.

The fact is that in Japan, as well as some other countries, only women congratulate men on Valentine's Day, handing them chocolate. Moreover, chocolate is accepted to give to everyone, including colleagues at work, superiors, etc. Chocolate, which is given to employees or executives, is called Giri Choco, and chocolate, presented to beloved men, is Honmei Choco.

Women did not have to feel unfortunate, so it was suggested to arrange a White Day - its celebration was appointed on the 14-th of March, a month after the Day of all lovers. It became compulsory that men who received Giri Choco on Valentine's Day must present gifts in return on the White Day to all women who congratulated them.

On the White Day it is necessary to bring gifts of white color. Usually it is white marshmallow, white chocolate, if it is a "compulsory" gift, it can also be jewelry or underwear, if the gift is for a beloved woman. It is noteworthy that in Japan there is a rule according to which the cost of a gift for the White Day should increase the cost of a gift for Valentine's Day in two-three times.

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