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In Venice, the Casanova Museum opens

Author: 21.03.2018 | Venice
On the 2-nd of April, in the hometown of Casanova, Venice, the first museum dedicated to the famous lover and a man with extraordinary abilities will open.

The museum was located in the rooms of Palazzo Pesaro Papafava and was financed by the entrepreneur Carlo Luigi Parodi. It's not going about a traditional museum with a lot of exhibition units, but about a multimedia exhibition that will help recreate the image of the famous seducer and present it as close as possible to the truth.

The six topical rooms of the museum describe all life and many interests of Casanova who was passionate about women and intellectual pursuits. Casanova is a very fascinating character whose life will be described in different languages using advanced multimedia technologies, what guarantees visitors an exciting experience.

The aim of the museum is to open the door to the world of Casanova and, as in a time machine, to return visitors to the bright eighteenth century.

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