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International Hummus Day

Author: 13.05.2018
Hummus is an appetizer of mashed potatoes, popular in the Middle East. Recently, it is becoming more popular in other countries, especially among vegetarians and adherents of the gluten-free diet. There is even the International Day of Hummus, which is celebrated on the 13-th of May.

The composition of hummus includes mashed potatoes (chick peas), olive oil, tahini (sesame paste), lemon juice and spices (for example, garlic, paprika, jeera, pepper, etc.). This dish is rich in vegetable protein, fiber and unsaturated fats. Serve it more often in the form of a cold snack or dipasauce. Despite the fact that the origin of the dish is Arabic, in Israel hummus considers a national dish.

The International Day of Humus was established by a young entrepreneur Ben Leng, who decided to come up with a holiday that would unite the people of the Middle East and help create a positive image of Israel. Hummus as a symbol of the holiday was chosen because it is a very popular dish in the whole Middle East.

For the first time, Hummus Day was celebrated in 2012. Thanks to social media, it quickly became popular throughout the world. Many placeswhere hummus isserved, on the occasion of the holiday, offer special offers to customers.

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