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In Venice, street food will be banned

Author: 13.05.2018
In the next three years in Venice, there will be a ban on opening points with street food.

The City Council of Venice is blocking the issuance of licenses to open points of sale of street food for consumption on the go for the next three years. The ban was introduced to combat the cluttering of public spaces by tourists with their improvised picnics.

Dirt, garbage and busy public spaces, such as steps of bridges and churches, are the basis of the new law passed by the municipality of Venice. In addition to blocking the new discoveries of "street food" restaurants - with the exception of jelly - the solution also includes some special measures for existing fast foods. So, all restaurateurs will be obliged to equip special areas for consumption of fast snacks and monitor their cleanliness.

As soon as the restrictions come into force, they will operate on the territory of Venice and the islands of Murano and Burano.

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