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Embassies from eight countries made an official celebration of NOWRUZ in Kyiv

On the 21-st of March, 2017, in the Column Hall of Kyiv city state administration the celebration of international holiday NOWRUZ happened.

The official event was going under the guidance of eight embassies of foreign states, particularly, Azerbaijan Republic, Republic Iraq, Republic Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey Republic, and Republic Uzbekistan.

In the official part of the event and the ceremony of cutting the red ribbon such Heads of diplomatic missions in Ukraine participated as Councilor of Embassy of Azerbaijan Elman Bagirov, Ambassador of Iraq Ahmed Asis, Ambasador of Kazakhstan Samat Ordabaev, temporary charge d’affaires, Kyrgazstan Batyrkan Syrgabaev, Ambassador of Tajikistan Faizullo Holboboev, Ambassador of Turkey Yonet Tesel, Ambassador of Turkmenistan Nurberdy Amanmuradov, Ambassador of Uzbekistan Alisher Abdualiev.

In the hall the congratulations with NOWRUZ were articulated in eight languages! On behalf of the diplomatic service there was a greeting speech from the Ambassador of Turkmenistan Nurberdy Amanmuradov. The Ambassador congratulated all the colleagues and guests with the coming of spring and wished the friendship and prosperity!

The event has been attended by the Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of such countries in Ukraine as Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Belarus, Hungary, India, Romania, Pakistan, Palestine, Portugal, Macedonia, Syria, Kuwait, and other diplomats as well as representatives of profile ministries, social organizations, and mass media.

The holiday program began with the performance of Ukrainian vocal and dancing composition conducted by children ensemble ‘Zernyatko’. The potpourri of dances in the performance of ensemble ‘Caucasus’ gave to the guests a feeling of the true Azerbaijan colors.

The students from Iraq and Ayaz Farhat immersed those who were present in the waterfall of traditional dance ‘dabka’ accompanied by the song in Kurd language ‘Nowruz’.

Nazgul Shukaeva along with cello player Janna Marchinska brought a lot of joy to the public by performing Kazakh song ‘Kundiz koktem’. The embassy of Kyrgyzstan also prepared the vocal gift while Burul Sultanalieva amazed everybody with her unusual singing.

A little Tajik beauty Nilufar Azizova congratulated every person with the holiday by singing ‘Ah Vatan!’ Turkish melodies sounded in the performance of the band ‘Makam’. The concert program was continued by Turkmen dance ‘Yelpeselendi’ in the performance of ensemble ‘Galkinish’ and Uzbek Horesmian dance in the performance of ensemble ‘Rostok’ which afterwards took all the guests into the colorful circle of friendship and greeting of spring!

Simultaneously with the colorful concert program the guests of the embassy of all the hosting countries made guests familiar with the exhibitions of folk creativity at the boards of which the materials about the history and arrangement of NOWRUZ were represented. The traditional embroideries, routine objects, hand-made crafts, plates, decorations, and textile kept visitors joyous.

So as to feel the holiday better, organizers tasted all the guests with national dishes such as pilaff, flapjack, pastries, and delicious beverages!

The reference: on the 19-th of February, 2010 at the 64-th session of General Assembly of United Nations Organization the Resolution ‘International Day Nowruz’ was accepted. According to the Resolution, General Assembly of United Nations calls all the members-states for ‘making efforts to increase the level of public awareness concerning Nowruz and organize annual events in the recognition of this holiday’.

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