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Have flag, will travel!

National flag is a kind of business card, after having a glimpse at it one gets an idea, at least roughly, concerning what to expect from this or another country. OUTLOOK is going to tell you about the most outstanding of them.

Flag of Switzerland can be considered the most philanthropic one for it resembles the symbol of the Red Cross the most. And it does so for a reason: one of the initiators of the organization’s foundation, Jean Henri Dunant, originated from nowhere else but the country of banks. Let’s get back to the flag though. Alongside the one of Vatican City, it is, by the way, “only a second square in the sea of rectangles” with its history reaching back to 13th century. This ensign, adopted as the state symbol of Switzerland in 19th century, descends form the emblem of the canton of Schwyz and it was its government that played an important role in unification of separate Alpine lands into a single country. 

However the world got to behold this particular white cross against red background in an instant that is far from being the most humane in human history – during the Battle of Laupen in 1339.

Flag of Mozambique is one of the most militaristic ones: alongside everything else it depicts Kalashnikov rifle. All in all, placing a weapon on a flag or an emblem is commonplace among Dark Continent countries. Good thing is that such a tradition has been passing into history – some 15-20 years ago ‘drawings’ of the kind were seen much more often. Looking deeper into Mozambique’s colors, aside from the offspring of a soviet engineer that speaks for itself without deciphering, its other element is a star that symbolizes hope for the whole world’s solidarity with the people of Mozambique. The rest is as simple as ABC: a book for education, a hoe for agriculture, green stripe for vegetation, black one for affiliation with Africa, golden – for natural resources, white ones for freedom.

Norfolk Island situated to the west of Australia was discovered by James Cook in 1774. Up till 1854 this territory, now inhabited by slightly over two thousand people, was one true prison amidst sea. Nevertheless, when national colors were being established there thirty-something years ago, authorities decided not to rake up the shady past. Having taken Canada’s flag as a basis, Norfolk people, and there is a couple of Russian families among them, shifted red color for green one and a maple leave – for local pine. It turned out very pacifying.

Now, who said that only rectangle and square shapes can be used in a flag image? Most likely, this was exactly the idea they had in Nepal so they came up with a weird geometric figure that resembles a half of a red spruce. The color relates to the times of Rana dynasty. The flag, established in 1962, due to official rendering symbolizes Himalayan peaks and accord of two religions – Buddhism and Hinduism. By the way, human faces used to be on images of sun and moon.

Authorities of Saint Pierre and Miquelon Islands, situated in the Atlantic Ocean, decided that since the flag existed anyway, if not everything, then the majority of things should be located on it. One can learn history from the banner of these French territories. You’ll find mention of first colonists – Basques – with their colors, of following owners: Bretons with miniver as well as ‘leopard’ Normans. 

The rest of the space is left for ocean and a ship of the discoverer Jacques Cartier who, alongside other things, ‘spotted’ Canada.

It will be interesting:
Formidable waves rise up like soldiers on guard, then beat against the rocky coastline, lay down their arms and meekly retreating, crumble into a foam. Wind freely runs over lavender fields and eucalyptus groves hiding sleepy koalas in bushland. Twilight is ready to cover every living creature with a dark bucket, and the bustling nocturnal life spreads its wings. This is not a fictional world of fairy tales but everyday life of Kangaroo Island, a booming destination for wilderness and wildlife fans.
Canberra is the capital of Australia
Australia flies instinctively into our ears with a loud intro from shell of the Sydney Opera, and only after that we recall that the capital of this country is Canberra. Though the city is often seen as a stopover between Melbourne and Sydney, Canberra is not only considering, but has been already implementing into reality a plan how to win hearts of all tourists.
Unforgettable Tschäggättä: Horrors in Lötschental Valley
In February Switzerland changes beyond recognition: reckless power of pre-Lent carnivals, insatiable gluttony and cat’s choirs of Guggenmusik rush into the streets. Only evil spirits are kind of weak – same glamorous vampires and emaciated zombies. Want it to become really scary? Head to Lötschental Valley to celebrate Tschäggättä: infernal characters from Alpine folklore will haunt you in your dreams!
Dog sledding is a national passion in Switzerland: it is for a good reason that one of the best European camps for training sled dogs is located in the forest village of Saint-Cergue, nested behind the Jura mountain.
Where stars are “set glowing”
There’s hardly anything that compares to bright-starred sky and silence. It is the stars that OUTLOOK want to tell you about or more precisely about the places with the best view on them. In Europe it is recommended to go stargazing not to some place but to… Slovenia. Point is, this small country is one of the cleanest in the world and consequently isn’t that polluted with smog.
Critical temperature: don’t let yourself dry out
In the nooks of Earth we want to talk about people live according to very specific rules of nature. Here rains don’t start out of the blue and frosts don’t come unexpectedly. It’s much more serious. Should a good wind once bring you there, you’ll be prepared and may have a grateful memory of OUTLOOK.
In Kyiv under the support of Embassy of Australia the exhibition ‘Artists-Ambassadors. Ukrainian Australiana’ has been opened
In the course of program of 2017 in honour of the 25-th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Australia and Ukraine as well as celebration of settlement of Ukrainians in Australia in Kyiv the exhibition ‘Artists-Ambassadors. Ukrainian Australiana’ has been opened.
The new Ambassador of Australia to Ukraine is assigned
The new Ambassador of Australia to Ukraine became diplomat Melissa O’Rourke who used to work as Australian diplomat office in Moscow. It is stated in the assignment of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop published at the website of foreign political department.
The Embassy of Australia arranged in Kyiv the party in honor of Eurovision
The Embassy of Australia in Ukraine and personally Charge d’Affaires of Australia Bruce Edwards organized and hold party dedicated to the song contest Eurovision 2017 in one of Kyiv nightclubs.
Switzerland: Banks, Chocolate And Army
It is an open secret that this world is full of paradoxes. Outlook, in its turn, tries to figure them out therefore today we’ll tell about armed forces of the world’s most militarized state that, however, hasn’t been at war with anyone for over two centuries. Our feature is about the army of Switzerland.
The Australian Embassy in Ukraine and personally Australian Chargé d'Affaires Bruce Edwards presented in Kiev gallery Triptych: Global Arts Workshop, an exhibition featuring outstanding artworks from some of the finest Australian Indigenous artists of the twentieth century Old Masters: Australia's Great Bark Artists
Hanging Out In Pakistan
OUTLOOK studied the brightest Pakistani holidays, because the saying goes for a reason: people live same way they hang out. An amazing game of history. Pakistan appeared on political map relatively short time ago yet one doesn’t have the heart to call it ‘young’ for it is inhabited with heirs of one of the most ancient civilization.
Cities of the world, unite!
For more than 50 years a World Day of Twin Cities falls on the last Sunday of April. The beginning of the World War II is considered to be a starting point of town-twinning. Enthusiasts from Coventry – a major industrial centre of England which survived intense bombing by the Nazis – sent to the Soviet Stalingrad, the city of the same level of industrial development and population, letter supporting confrontation to Hitler. In return they got a warm and appreciative response.
The small state of Kuwait possess a true talent to build new ships and set off to the open sea those who are not afraid of a long voyage. Today we will tell you about the Kuwaiti shipbuilding.
Scream If You Wanna Go Faster
It was 8 years ago at 2007 French electrical train TGV POS set a world speed record for transportation on conventional rails. This “plane from a platform” accelerated to 574 kilometers per hour. Records are probably beaten anonymously, too, and in some garages there are unknown heroes who assemble miracle engines and extend speed limits; yet, we only talk about official indicators.
I'd like Rembrandt! To go!
Pictural art has long ago ceased being just art. Not only canvases of great painters inspire, catch and make one think. They also motivate people who are willing to derive enrichment. Today we’ll talk about one of Rembrandt’s works that even made it to Guinness World Records for the number of attempts to take possession of it.
Personal tale tellers for the tourists
Clapping hands, rubbing monuments or circling around objects five times counterclockwise are the things tourists are ready to do to speed up fulfillment of desires. Every person happened to experience something of the kind at least once. Total amount of coins thrown into fountains and water basins in the course of a globe-trotting life may not allow one to buy a car, but will definitely be enough for a bicycle. City legends and tour guides make tourists commit ludicrous acts and throw money into the water. In selection for the job of a guide main criteria must be capability to make stories with imaginative power that equals to the one of Charles Perrault and Brothers Grimm…
I dare: TOP of the most dangerous feats in the past century
Both now and always there were madcaps who lack adrenaline. OUTLOOK came up with the own selection of the most dangerous feats in the past century.
Berliner Mauer: More Than Just a Wall
"Tear down this wall" - having said this phrase in already distant 1987 Ronal Reagan made it into history. In several years, on November, 9, 1989 the Berlin Wall was disassembled after all and till now enough reasons have accumulated to look at it in a different way...
History of brand: Cadillac for president
The car that can be without a doubt called an American dream is “Cadillac”. It is distinguished by its considerable dimensions and luxurious appearance. It was this brand that became the first registered automobile trade mark in the United States and it is the one that remains the most prestigious on the territory of the New Word through present. Suffice to say that for over 80 years presidents of the USA opt exceptionally for “Cadillac”.
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