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On the eve of All Saints' Day OUTLOOK managed not only to stock up with pumpkins and sweep away fancy candles from all the nearby shops, but also to treat our readers to exciting facts about the celebration of Halloween worldwide and in our country. Trick or treat?

Traditional All Saints' Day pumpkins became almost a work of art in the hands of the American sculptor and fruits-and-vegetables carving master Ray Villafane. His skillful hands worked on two pumpkins: 761-kilo giant grown by Bordsen family, and 825-kilo pumpkin titanium by Jim Bryson.

According to polls, 48% of world adult population believe in ghosts, 22% claim to have seen or felt a ghost, and 78% believe in life after death.

Mysterious illusionist Harry Guddini (1874-1926), whether it is coincidence or not, died of appendicitis at Halloween night, and the same day in 1922 Mussolini became Prime Minister of Italy. Somehow scary, isn’t it?

The first Jack-o'-lanterns were made not of pumpkins

... but of turnips!

Those who believe Halloween to be newfangled and relatively young holiday, in fact, are wrong. Recently a theory is gaining popularity that the holiday originates from about 4000 BC, which means Halloween has been around for over 6000 years!

In China, Halloween is called Teng Chieh. In the Chinese interpretation this is a festival of bonfires and lanterns, light of which shall show the way to the spirits astray. In Hong Kong there is a Yue Lan (Hungry Ghosts Festival), the name speaks for itself, the festival participants give a good treat to the angry ghost this day... well, at least they pretend to. ☺

Halloween is celebrated slightly similar by the Japanese. The canonical Halloween is not to be seen this day, but one can visit the Obon festival (other names are Matsuri or Urabon), It is also dedicated to spirits of ancestors and is sure to enchant you with the view of lanterns and candles floating on water.

American city of Anoka (Minnesota), with population about 17 000 people, proclaimed itself to be the world capital of Halloween. It is the place where in 1920 the first big parade was held in honor of the holiday.

Samhainophobia is obsessive fear of Halloween.

Well, we do not know about everywhere abroad, but in Kyiv we are not afraid of Halloween. This conclusion we did after visiting HALLOWEEN KIDS FASHION NIGHT SHOW - a bright show organized by JFSTAR magazine. Restaurant and Music Bar SEREBRO this evening turned into a medieval castle with ghosts. Werewolves, vampires, black magicians, sorcerers, drowned guys, mermaids, zombies and other creatures at nightfall gathered under gloomy vaults.

Through the efforts of floral couturier LORA SHEN halls were decorated to create the atmosphere: grinning toothless mouths of Jack-o'-lanterns, bats curled over the towers, cobwebs hanging from the walls, dimly flickering candles.

Mystical mood was stirred up by mixes that DJ TEAM IAN has stored specially for the occasion. Party hosts Andrew Romanidi and Tatiana Aliyeva demonstrated with all their image commitment to evil forces, resembling characters of Bulgakov’s Ball at Satan, and only Tatiana’s charming smile, time after time nullifying efforts of makeup artists, treacherously showed her good intentions.

Make-up deserves a special note – it was something to see! While the guests were taking their seats, their children learned the basics of magic and witchcraft. To start with they mastered carving of Jack-o'-lantern under guidance of florists from LORA SHEN, then little ones also made candles and did magic tattooing with trainers of kids eco-club "Eureka".

After incendiary performance by OPEN KIDS band, scene was farmed out to "forces of evil": fashion show by the Japanese kids brand MIKI HOUSE was performed by moms and kids who made the audience gasp on wonder at view of stunning costumes and make-up in horror style.

We encourage you to come to our gallery, as a very thankless job it is to describe the party with words only:

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Ambassador of Norway to Ukraine participated in the next project Diplomatic Greetings organized by OUTLOOK and GDIP
On the 6-th of April, the second day of the meeting of the diplomatic personnel with the students of the Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University took place in the frame of the common project OUTLOOK and the Diplomatic greetings. The event was attended by Ambassador of Norway to Ukraine, Ule Terje Horpeštad, and consul and protocol officer of the Indonesian Embassy in Ukraine Adi Brasmato.
In the next project Diplomatic Greetings, organized by OUTLOOK and GDIP involved Ambassadors of Georgia and Uzbekistan
A meeting of the diplomatic personnel with students of the Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University took place in Kyiv on the 5-th of April. The event took place within the framework of the joint project OUTLOOK and the GDIP - Diplomatic Greetings.
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Vitaliy Klichko organized diplomatic reception honor of New Year holidays
The mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klichko carried out traditional diplomatic reception in the city administration on the occasion of upcoming holidays, New Year and Christmas.
The Embassy of Indonesia added showpieces in Kyiv museum of miniatures
The Embassy of Republic Indonesia has set five Indonesian architectural miniatures in the park-museum of Kyiv ‘Ukraine in miniature’. The presentation of exotic masterpieces happened on the 10-th of November. The exposition includes the Temple Borobudur, the Cathedral temple of Jakarta – the Saint Mary Church, the mosque Istiklal – the biggest Muslim sanctuary of the South-East Asia, the Temple of Ulun Danu.
Day of Unity in the embassy of Germany
The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Republic Germany to Ukraine Ernst Reichel along with his wife invited guests to celebrate the holiday, official union of Western and Eastern Germany. Mr Reichel recognized the step forward made by Ukraine in the direction of Europe. Particularly, it goes about the agreement on Association with European Union: ‘The agreement will maintain the support and consulting, political collaboration and Ukraine will get closer to the standards of European Union in many areas’.
In Kyiv it was a press conference with the foreign diplomats in International investment forum ‘InCo-2017’
The press conference that announced International investment forum ‘InCo-2017’ happened on the 26-th of September in media center Directorate-General for Rendering Services to Diplomatic Missions. In the event the visitors listened to the speeched of CEO of Directorate-General for Rendering Services to Diplomatic Missions Pavlo Krivonos, the head of Management of international affairs and external activity of Ukraine from Zaporizhzhya Administration Artur Boyko, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Republic Bulgaria to Ukraine Krasimir Minchev, Vice President of Zaporizhzhya commercial chamber Dmitro Antonyuk and the head of the project OUTLOOK Darya Karyakina.
The fourth meeting of graduates from International Relations Institute in Kyiv
On the 16-th of September it was a great event that united graduates and tutors with the love to the high educational establishment and warm recollections on the time spent together.
In Kyiv open the exhibition and mural by the author KLONE
KLONE is artist who was born in Ukraine. He left country when he was eleven years old. That is why he pays a special credit to the opportunity to present his exhibition in Ukraine and color mural. We were able to take an exclusive interview from the mysterious master who accurately hides even his true name from the world.
The Ambassador of Malaysia arranged the official dinner in honor of Id al-fitr
On the 26-th of June 2017 it was an official dinner in the residence of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Malaysia to Ukraine. The day of breaking the fast Id al-fitr is Islamic holiday celebrated in honor of ending of the fast in the month Ramadan. It is celebrated in the first day of month Shavval.
The Ambassador Roman Vaschuk started in the capital celebratory events dedicated to 150-th anniversary of Canada
The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Canada to Ukraine Roman Vaschuk along with Major of Kyiv Vitaliy Klichko started festive events at Kreschatik dedicated to 150-th anniversary of Canada.
The competitions on hockey and street of Francophonie. The ambassador told journalists about the month of Canada to Ukraine
On the occasion of 150-th anniversary of Canada the Embassy of Canada to Ukraine and Ukrainian team of Games of Unconquerable made press breakfast for mass media with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Roman Vaschuk…
In the capital of Ukraine the official Iftar happened
On the occasion of the beginning of the sacred month Ramadan in Kyiv mosque Ar-Rahma it was an official iftar. In compliance with the tradition, the event was organized by the Spiritual Directorate of the Muslims of Ukraine (SDMU).
In Kyiv May Revolution Day of Argentina was celebrated
The Embassy of Argentinean republic in Ukraine and personally Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Alberto Hose Alonso organized an official reception in Kyiv dedicated to the Nation Day or Day of memory of May Revolution.
In Kyiv Day of Revival, Unity and poetry of Magtymguly and Turkmenistan Constitution Day
The Embassy of Turkmenistan to Ukraine and personally Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Nurberdy Amanmuradov organized in Kyiv an official event dedicated to the Day of Revival, Unity, and poetry of Magtymguly Pyragy as well as anniversary of Turkmenistan Constitution acceptance.
In Kyiv the concert BAKU JAZZ took place
In Kyiv under the support of Azerbaijan and Union of Azerbaijan youth of Ukraine the concert of Jazz music BAKU JAZZ in Kyiv was going. The musical evening organized outdoors in one of the most beautiful corners of our capital – Haidar Aliev Square became the gift from the organizers to Kyiv citizens and guests of the city.
VIDEO: Antique and industrial Kiev
When sending stuff to trash can or throwing it away to a dumpster we don’t suspect that it doesn’t always mean death for it, now and then even in the contrary – it is a beginning of a new life…
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