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The Ambassador of Pakistan Atar Abbas organized a reception in honor of National Day

Author: 24.03.2017 | diplomacy, Pakistan
The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Pakistan to Ukraine Atar Abbas organized an official diplomatic reception in honor of National Day of Pakistan and the 77-th anniversary of Pakistan resolution acceptance which defined the conceptual frames of the country’s educa6tion in 1947.

Starting the evening, the Head of diplomatic mission applied to the respected guests and gratified everybody who was present for the visit and respect. He remarked that today both our countries appeared in the similar complicated conditions due to the military conflicts within our territories and along with that he expressed hope for peace and prosperity in Ukraine and Pakistan.

‘Pakistan is in front of the most serious challenges in the area of national safety and integrity. Pakistan is situated at the frontline of international war with the violent extremism. As nowadays Ukraine endures the most critical period from the times of its independence, we living in Pakistan wish to this large country and incredible nation to overcome difficulties which are standing in front of them as well as reach new achievements in the prosperity and safety in the future’, marked Mr Abbas.

Nowadays Pakistan and Ukraine support sturdy and friendly relations. ‘We appreciate these relationships and have a huge desire and intentions to develop stronger collaboration with Ukraine in different areas of activity. Both our countries are ready to continue working over the improvement of interlinks further after the establishment of the main frames in the view of a mutual Pakistani and Ukrainian intergovernmental commission’, emphasized the Ambassador.

Mr Abbas claimed that authority of both countries is interested in the further enforcement of the bilateral relations in different areas, particularly, in the scope of energetic, development of infrastructure, education, science and technologies as well as in the area of defense.

So as to congratulate the Head of mission with the holiday in this evening his colleagues came, particularly, Ambassadors of Argentina, Algeria, Bulgaria, Brazil, Georgia, Cuba, Kuwait, Macedonia, Moldova, Netherlands, Palestine, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Syria, Slovenia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Croatia, Japan, representatives of departmental ministries, state authorities, church, and the mass media.

For all the guests of the reception the incredible program was prepared in the courses of which they could get familiar with the colorful traditions of Pakistani wedding, national dances and colorful dresses as well as taste the dishes of the local cuisine.

Day of Pakistan, also known as the Day of Pakistani revolution or Republic day in Pakistan and celebrated on the 23-rd of March is the national holiday of Pakistan. It marks the anniversary of acceptance of the foundation of Islamic republic on the 23-rd of March, 1956.

Pakistan became the first in the world Islamic republic, exactly, state where the role in the ruling of the state is played by Islamic church. The point of departure in the creation of a new state at the basis of Dominion Pakistan became the acceptance of Lahore resolution in March 1940 according to which the fundamentals of the future establishment of Muslim state were put.

In Day of Pakistan the official events are hold in the country. Particularly, the celebration of this day includes military and civil parade in the capital of Pakistan, the ceremony of giving national awards. It is compulsory on this day to put wreaths in the mausoleums of Muhammad Ikbal and Muhammad Ali Jinna. 

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