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Presentation for Ukrainian representatives of shoes industry in the Embassy of Uzbekistan

Author: 23.10.2017
The Embassy of Uzbekistan to Ukraine supported by the association Uzcharmpoyabzali and Ukrshkirvzutteprom as well as Trade and Commercial Chamber of Ukraine, Ukrlegprom and Union of Ukrainian entrepreneurs organized the business meeting between Uzbek and Ukrainians. In the course of it more than 60 representatives from 23 enterprises of leather and shoes industry of both countries took part as well as representatives of the Commercial networks in Ukraine.

At the event Uzbek side was represented by the head of Association ‘Uzbekcharmpoyabzali’ (Uzbekleathershoes) Sharif Sheraliev, the executives of shoes industry enterprises and leather proceeding organizations of Uzbekistan.

During the event the area exhibition was represented by the enterprises that are included in the structure of Association ‘Uzcharmpoyabzali’ that work in such segments as shoes, leather, sports equipment, etc.

At the beginning of the business meeting the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Republic Uzbekistan to Ukraine Alisher Abdualiev imparted the speech. He got everybody familiar with the current condition of social and economic development of Uzbekistan and Uzbek Ukrainian trade and economic relations. The Ambassador also informed the participants of the event about the development of leather and shoes industry of Uzbekistan where big projects are implemented with the huge national support at all the levels.

During the presentation the head of association ‘Uzcharmpoyabzali’ Sharif Sheraliev told the partners about the structure transformation, modifications, and diversifications of leather and shoes industry, expansion of the volumes and names of the ready expot-oriented production with high additional cost.

According to him, the measures that support area allowed nearly 770 producion enterprises that are dealing with the recycling of material and production of shoes, leather production with additional cost to go to the external markets. He made emphasis on the fact that today enterprises of the area extend the geography of export. Currently the production of the area is exported in more than ten countries such as Italy, South Korea, Turkey, China, Pakistan, India, Russia, Kazakhstan, etc.

According to the results of the meetings between associations ‘Uzcharmpoyabzali’ and ‘Ukrshkirvzutteprom’ they signed up Memorandum on collaboration.

The heads of shoes industry who came from Uzbekistan organized the visit of shoes factories and leather enterprises in Ukraine.

In his turn, the president of Commercial Industrial Chamber of Ukraine G. Chijikov greeting the participants of the business meeting made an emphasis on the fact that new authorities in Uzbekistan today is leading the modern politics, including the liberalization of currency market that gives possibility to lead Uzbek and Ukrainian economic relations at new level. Uzbekistan today is searching for new markets and opportunities, and Ukraine is able to become a good platform for the ready production by creating common enterprises at the new markets.

The prospects of collaboration with Uzbek side were remarked by the President of association ‘Ukrshkirvzutteprom’ A. Borodynya. For enterprises of this area in Ukraine Uzbekistan is, first and foremost, interesting as the potential supplier of materials for leather industry and serious partner for common production of the shoes. Today Ukraine feels a lack of leather materials. Apart from that, the supply of shoes from Uzbekistan and ready production with future export to the markets of Europe and Canada might become a point of interest.

The head of Ukrlegprom Tetyana Izovit claimed to be satisfied with the results of the Business meeting in March this year in Kyiv where the enterprises of textile industry from both countries took part. There Uzbekistan represented its potential in textile area. Due to such events bilateral business relations activated between the textile producers of both countries. It is noticed that regulations accepted by the authorities of Uzbekistan for the support of textile industry give exact results, especially in Ukrainian market. We observe the signification increase in Uzbek export to Ukraine, in the mutual trade with the production of textile industry Uzbekistan made a benefit from the trade surplus. 

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