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The Spring Fair in Seville

Author: 06.05.2015 | Spain
At the beginning of May, Seville hospitably greets not only the citizens of Andalusia – the glory of local holiday lustered all over Spain. That is why it is important to see about the house and bullfighting tickets in advance.

The local citizens attired in glorious outfits communicate, dance, and have some fun. The holiday begins at Sunday midnight in two weeks past Easter and has been lasting up to the next Sunday. April fair ends also at midnight with the eye-catching pyrotechnical performance. For hot Spain, such «schedule» is quite typical – many celebrations start after the sunset and finish at dawn.

However, it does not mean, certainly, that during daylight hours life fades. At the fair, the spirit of ancient Spanish traditions prevails – there is neither foreign rock-music nor frivolous DJs. Instead, humans observe the day processions called «paseo de caballos» («horse-riding)» - proud horses stroll slowly taking the chariots with beautiful ladies in glorious dresses flamenco far away from these places. You may also visit the famous bullfighting festival: the best corridas of the season intended for the most appealing spectators are held every evening on Real de Maestranza – it is the oldest bullfighting platform in Spain.

Nevertheless, the centre of Spring Fair – being its pulsating heart – is, definitely, the square Real de la Feria situated in front of Maria Luisa Park. Walking along the magnificent golden gates passer-by will see a plenty of colorful studios. Each pavilion belongs to the local venture – official, family or individual ones. Here people dare to celebrate night after night floating a great deal of food and beverages. Various dancers among which there are professionals as well as non-specialists perform the boisterous dance flamenco to a loud tune.

Next to Real de la Feria, there is a huge fair square with all the traditional carnival entertainments. 

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Spain will fine tourists for drinking bouts
The authorities of Palma, the capital of Spanish Majorca, will limit the sale of alcohol in the summer season so that drunk bad-tempered tourists could not flood the city.
In Spain the museum of beer will be opened
In 2019 in Seville the museum of beer will be opened. It will take one of two building that belong to the factory CRUZCAMPO.
Granada is recognized as the most beautiful city of Spain
Spanish people called Granada as the most beautiful city of their country. It is testified by the results of the survey conducted by the web-portal SITIOS DE ESPAÑA.
The best cheese of Spain is announced
La Retorta is the mild mini-cheese produced from fresh ewe’s milk got the first place among Spanish cheeses. It has been recognized one of three best cheeses in the world at the last contest World Cheese Awards.
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Festival of bucking in Spain
At every first weekend in Spain there is rather strange and even cruel festival of bucking of wild horses Rapadas Bestas. The festival has been counting in many cities of Galicia; however, the most famous is the festival in Sabusedo.
The best country for travels alone is acclaimed
Spain took the first place in the ranking of the countries which are considered as preferable ones among those where it s convenient to travel alone. US News reports about that referring to the study of the company BAV Consulting and The Wharton School of Business of University of Pennsylvania.
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In Spain one of the most dangerous hiking path in the world will be opened
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In Madrid the square of Margaret Thatcher is opened
In the capital of Spain Madrid mayor Ana Botella in grand atmosphere has set up the square named after ex-minister of Great Britain Margaret Thatcher.
La Tomatina in Spain
Tomato rivers run through the city streets and squares, walls of houses and everything around are covered with thick, scarlet mash tomatoes. No, it's not an explosion at a factory of canned tomatoes, it is one of the most exciting holidays in Spain - La Tomatina.
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