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In Italy the autumn parades will take place

Author: 18.09.2017 | Italy, festival, tourism
In Monterotondo situated in Roman province, from the 13-th till the 22-nd of October the season of autumn celebrations ‘Fasti di Augunno’ will start.

During the festival the city transforms into the historical reconstruction of the Renaissance times. The guests get a possibility to immerse not only in the bright and elegant flair of Italy but also enjoy the theater performances, take part in the historical costume parades, walk along the Palazzo Orsini. The special attention is usually given to the faery juggling act of the flags done by the artful torch-bearers.

All the surrounding, in this period, breathes and lives out the epoch of Renaissance. The appropriate music is heard everywhere, in the shops people are proposed to taste the dishes that have receipts aged by six-seven centuries while the military men look after the safety residing in the camps near the fun zone. All the folklore holiday is intended to embody real historical events of this territory.

We would like to notice that in Florence in Palazzo Strocczzi from the 21-st of September till the 21-st of January there is an exhibition attracting attention to the art of XVI century that took birth in this city. The central works belong to Michelangelo, Pontormo, and Jamboloni, etc.

It will be interesting:
In Italy, nearly 20 thousand people were evacuated
In Italy, in the seaside town of Fano, an unexploded shell of the Second World War was found, which made the local authorities to evacuate more than 20,000 people.
The holiday of pork bacon crisps ‘Ciccioli in piazza’ in San Martino in Rio
A funny culinary holiday of pork bacon crisps will take place on the central streets of San Martino in Rio streets on the 11-th of March 2018.
In Lapland the hotel is opened themed on Games of Thrones
In Lapland city Kittila there is hotel themed on ‘Game of Thrones’. All the suits, bar and cinema in Snow Village are made from the snow and ice. Not to mention the glasses for the beverages!
The first space hotel might appear on International space station
Russian tourism represented the concept of the new hotel building on International space station.
Winter trout festival in Hwacheon-gun in South Korea
Winter trout festival in Hwacheon-gun is the beautiful place to enjoy winter fishing. Every year thousands of tourists come there to eat fish and relax sledging.
The program of Venetian carnival is announced
The action will be lasting not only on the water but also in the air. The ceremony of opening will be organized on the 28-th of January twice, at 6 pm with the repetition at 8 pm at the channel Cannaregio.
Rwanda is recognized as the leader of international tourism
In London the ceremony 2017 World Tourism Award took place on Monday, the 6—th of November. It was brought to the President of Rwanda Paul Kagame in the nomination ‘long-term leadership’, as it is reported by Independent Uganda.
France proposes to become an owner of ancient chateau for 50 euro
The castle Le Paluel in the South Western France is acclaimed to be auction showpiece. The sales with the purpose to save the destroying mansion will happen on the 21-st of September. The necessary amount is 500 thousand euro, however, the minimal contribution starts from 50 euro.
The train-antistress moves along Japan
From the 10-th of September the citizens of Japan and guests of the country got a possibility to get from Gifu to Mia in the carriage with the cats.
In Milan the flying bicycle of da Vinci has been built
The constructors from Milan built ‘flying bicycle’ using the sketches and calculations of Leonardo da Vinci.
In Italy one of the most extreme swimming pools in the world is opened
In Italian hotel Hotel Hubertus оne of the most extreme swimming pools in the world has been opened.
The holiday of Virgin Mary in Italy
Madonna della Salute in Venice in Italy (Festa della Madonna della Salute) is the holiday of Virgin Mary della Salute is conducted in the commemoration about liberation from plague of 1630-1631.
Earthquake in Italy placed Coliseum in jeopardy
The earthquakes that have happened recently in the central part of Italy were felt even at the distance of the hundred kilometers in Rome. The experts warn that the monuments of eld hardly could endure new fluctuations of the crust of earth.
In Italy the first wine fountain started working
The wine fountain, or ‘fontana del vino’ situated in the city Caldaridi Ortona in Abruzzo along the popular travel route ‘The way of saint Thomas’ (Cammino di San Tommaso).
In Rome Spanish ladder has been opened again
In Italian capital the works on restoration of the famous landmark called Spanish ladder have been completed.
In Italy the first Christmas fairs have been opened
By Italian calendar, the autumn has started quite recently, however, Italians have already mulled over the warmth and comfort of Christmas holidays with a vengeance.
The festival El Cascamorras in Spain
The citizens of Spain admire festivals where they can look at others and show their advantages. It is worth to recall at least their numerous battles with food including La Tomatina as one of the most famous ones. However, at the festival El Cascamorras nobody throws food. Instead, people out stains onto themselves with oily substance and try to stain others.
Turin may become the first vegetarian city of Italy
New mayor of Turin Chiara Appendino reported about their intentions to promote vegetarianism and vegan diets as the preferential directions of activity of its administration.
In Rome the restoration of Coliseum is to finish
Roman Coliseum has been cleaned of filth and soot in the course of large-scale restoration which has been lasting for three years. All this time the construction has been opened for public, as Associated Press reports.
The festival of Pacific arts
The festival of Pacific arts is a majestic cultural event which happens every four years at the islands of Pacific Ocean.
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