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In Sweden, an environmental tax for air passengers is introduced

Author: 16.04.2018 | Sweden
The Swedish authorities are going to impose a tax for air passengers departing from the country. Overpay for each flight will be up to € 39.

The amount of environmental tax will be different and range from € 6 to € 39, depending on the airport of departure and the end point. Only the majority of transit passengers and children under two years of age will be exempt from payment.

"The purpose of the tax is to minimize carbon emissions, which led to a radical increase in air travel," - said the Minister of Climate of Sweden Isabella Lovina. The authorities expect that in this way they can reduce the impact of air transportation on the climate.

According to the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, 53% of the residents of the country supported the new tax. Opponents of the law suggested, as an alternative, to oblige airlines to use biofuels.

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