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Holiday of Portuguese bullfighting

Автор: 14.08.2016 | holiday, Portugal
Birthday of corrida in Portugal.

This day in Portugal is dedicated to corrida, one of the oldest sports in the country. However, Portuguese corrida cannot be classified only as sports – it is also a wonderful practice, spectacular performance, and sacred action. Initially corrida involved the bravest participants.

Nowadays Portuguese corrida has kept its ancients folkways. For example, the fighting with bull is started by a horseman-caballero. He hits the bull with farla – it is a lance with the sharp retractor at the top. After caballero the fight is continued by furkadush, the foot-born troops. Earlier caballero were only seigniors, and the role of furkadush was casted to plebians.

Portuguese variant is considered to be the less murderous among all the types of corrida. Bulls are not to be injured: the farla injection is equal with needle for a person. So, contrary to popular belief, after fighting bulls are not butchered but simply yarded. For protection of people bulls wear smooth leather cases at horns to soften a jolt in case of furkadush mistake. 

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