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Wonderful Chad. Ten facts about the country

Author: 18.11.2017 |
Africa, the huge continent, for the majority of citizens of the Earth looks as one global region without special differences. Certainly, it is not like that! Today we share the most interesting facts about Republic Chad. Its existence is known for everybody though there 11 million people live while its territory is 20-th largest in the world.

 Perhaps, the state is not well-known because the word ‘Chad’ itself is associated with giant lake located in Sahara. Well, if one takes into consideration its size, it is more logical to talk about it as the sea. Verily in honor of its water wonder of nature among thousands kilometers of the sand the country was called. As well, it received independence of France only in 1958.

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 Regardless of the fight for self-sufficiency and several civil wars, the independence poped out unexpectedly. This is confirmed by the fact that after getting the status of independent country local authorities did not have any projects of national flags that’s why during the first several years they had been using French as the main language until they invented their own onw. It is quite similar to Romanian, so, it’s easy to confuse. The yellow color symbolizes the desert, blue looks like the sky, while red resembles the blood spilt for the freedom.

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 There are two national languages, French and Arabian. In the meantime, many tribes have their own dialects that are so original that the citizens of different part do not understand each other that’s why it is easier to speak any from the national languages.

 Women from Chad are still following the ancient habit to deform their parts of body, particularly, face including in the lips the different subjects, such as plates or discs. They consider it to be very beautiful as the beauty is highly estimated here. Bita Kellu, one of the most beautiful women of this country was even honored to place her own portrait on the currency along with the governors and prominent social activists.


 The tourists and travellers going to Chad would rather know at least about the local mentality so as not to appear in the unpleasant situation. The difference, especially with Europeans, are huge. For example, it is considered as the sign of bad manners to look into the eyes of the partner during the conversation because it might cause aggression. Also, Chad citizens are very superstitious. Even if the person is left-handed he should not eat with the left hand as it is an omen of misfortune.

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 It is even more interesting how the local citizens think about the weather. Their collocation ‘good weather’ refers to the time when the rain is going. The sunny days are, actually, bad, in their opinion. Of course, everybody would think like that living in the hot Sahara. Such a condition gets worse because of the fact that Chad is one of several countries in the world without an outlet to the world ocean. That’s why people pray for the mentioned lake, the main source of water and freshness. It is so sacred that the state was called in its honor

.Voodoo people

 Because of the complicated climate conditions, low level of life and frequent explosions of illnesses, particularly, AIDS which is caught by nearly 4-7 percent of the population, the duration of life is one of the shortest on the planet, only 47 years for men and, relatively, 49 for women.

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 Chad is the agricultural country with nearly 80 percent of population busy with the agriculture. Though recently there has been found out the significant oil reserves, the technical backwardness now does not allow to deal with its investigation. That’s why today 70 percent of income is given by the sale of the cotton. The local citizens respect it as well as fructiferous trees. That’s why foreigners are advised not to look at them and not praise too much because it looks suspicious.

Not Just Oil and Tourism: Safari from African Employers

 In 1986-1987 Chad fought with Livia because of the small section on the border between the countries. It seemed there were nothing unusual, however, verily this conflict left traces in the history as the first that was called in honor of the exact brand. Toyota War sounds like black PR, however, in suc a way it is widely accepted in the world to call the opposition which Chad won because the government of France brought 400 offroadsters Toyota with the set guns and anti-tank complexes…

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 As the local citizens get tired of the hot and dry climat, the best time for visit is winter months when the temperature decreases a bit. By the way, there are a lot of places to look at. Just take at least the capital, N’Djamena, the exciting African metropolis established by French people, or highland Tibesti which fascinates with the majority of volcano conuses; not to mention the verily lake, this is the wonder of the world,a real must-visit object in the planetary scale.

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