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10 facts about Lebanon

Author: 14.04.2017 | Lebanon
Being one of the most ancient countries in the world, Lebanon has been implied in the Old Testament more than 75 times while the local city Bibl is officially considered as the oldest in the world. The first human settlements within the area of republic harken back to the sixth millennium BC that again and again proves that verily Middle East is the cradle of humanity. Today we would like to tell about one of the main pearls of this part of the world, Lebanon.

Though its territory is situated at the drought-ridden Middle East, Lebanon may boast of truly mild climate close to the Mediterranean. Verily sea and mountains where from times to times it is snowing make this country not only comfortable for life with the climate similar to Italy or Greece but also travel rival of Turkey and Cyprus. By the way, Lebanon is the only country where there is no desert.

 Now there are less people who know about that, however, before the civil war of 1975-1990 years which consequences are felt even nowadays, Lebanon was called as ‘Middle Eastern Switzerland’ because the local banks and financial places were ones from the most stable on the planet. Only in the recent years, with the hardship moving though the results of many-year crisis, the state returns the former economic power.

Stereotypes are considered as stereotypes intended to be destroyed. Being Muslim state, Lebanon is very progressive, by the way, during all its history. Here, for the first time among other Arabian countries, the Constitution was accepted that is, additionally, quite democratic. Within the territory of Lebanon nearly 100 banks and 40 universities work while there are as many nightclubs in Beirut and at the resorts as in Western cities.

It could be confidently said that the most popular profession in this country is the doctor. According to statistics, one doctor serves ten people of the population what, definitely, astonishes, because in more maintained Europe, for instance, the coherence is one doctor for 100 people.

Lebanon not for nothing is regarded as the most multi-religious country of the region because among this relatively small five-million population all the Islamic movements are spread. In the meantime, the state is considered as secular. Besides that, it is very easy to meet Christians here.

 The symbol and pride of the country is the local cedar which is depicted at the emblem, flag, and money. By the way, they are called as pounds even in Russian.

Beirut is the capital and the main city of Lebanon, as well, it is the pride and subject of adoration for locals as the cedar. During its rich history, this Middle Eastern metropolis has been destructed and restored for seven times, that is why Lebanese citizens call it to be Phoenix that is able to rise from the ashes. Nowadays it is the most important financial and travel center of the whole region constantly appearing in all the numerous top-rankings of the planet’s towns.

Though in Lebanon there are no deserts and climate is not so extreme as it happens in the neighborhood, the typical soil here is not too much suitable for the agriculture. However, the Lebanese appeared in the Guinness Record Book planting several years ago the biggest potato tuber taken eleven kilos!

It will be interesting:
In the Embassy of Lebanon the Doors Open Day happened in the course of Francophonie Days in Ukraine
The Embassy of Lebanon to Ukraine and personally Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Mrs Clod Halil Al Hajal organized the Doors Open Day for the pupils of eleven forms of Kyiv gymnasium №191 who studied French language. The event was going in the course of the festival ‘Francophonie Days in Ukraine’.
In Kyiv the concert of Arabian and Andalusian song dedicated to the 73-rd anniversary of Lebanon’s Independence
On the 28-th of November in International centre of culture and art in Kyiv there was a festive concert of Arabian and Andalusian songs dedicated to the 73-rd anniversary of independence of Lebanon organized by the Embassy of this state to Ukraine and personally Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Mrs Klod Al Hajal.
Baalbek. The City of the Sun.
This might have been Titans with about three meters of height or aliens who accidentally happened to wander on Earth and had to build a spaceport. Or maybe the Phoenicians tried to express their obeisance to the supreme god Ba’al with a gigantic construction. Till now nobody managed to answer what kind of civilization erected Baalbek – one of the most majestic monuments of Lebanon.
Beirut is the Capital of Lebanon
Beirut constitutes some sort of an Island of Europe in Arabic world. Lebanese capital is called in many different ways: Paris of the Middle East – for large selection of fashion boutiques and busy night life; Mediterranean Switzerland – for numerous business opportunities and reliability of local banks; and Phoenix City – for the undefeatable spirit and abundance of troubles suffered…
The Ambassador of Lebanon visited the presentation of Lebanese movie
The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Lebanon to Ukraine Claude Al-Hajal visited the presentation of Lebanese movie ‘Heritage’ directed by Philip Aractanji happened in the cinema of Kyiv.
Embassy of Lebanon in Ukraine Orchestrates Concert Program of Works by Lebanese Composer
In the National Philharmonic of Ukraine a concert of Merited Academic Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine was held; this time they performed a program compiled of works of a famous Lebanese composer Elias Rahbani.
Ambassador of Lebanon Holds Solemn Reception in Honor of Independence Day
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Lebanon in Ukraine Claude Khalil Al Hajal held a solemn diplomatic reception in honor of Lebanese Independence Day celebration. Representatives of diplomatic corps of Ukraine, Lebanese expatriate community, public figures and mass media came to congratulate Her Excellency the Ambassador.
Reception in Honor of Lebanese Independence Day Took Place in Kiev
Diplomatic Gala Reception was held by the Embassy of Lebanon on the occasion of the Lebanese Independence Day on November, 24.
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