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United Nations called the number of immigrants in the world

Author: 10.01.2018 | society
Organization of United Nations counted nearly 258 million immigrants in the world. The information was published in International Day of immigrants.

According to the data of United Nations, since the beginning of XXI century this indicator grew twice.

Currently the immigrants, particularly, people who reside not within the territory of the country of birth make 3.4 percent of all the international population. Among them every tenth person is refugee, as it is reported by Le Matin.

The biggest number of immigrants is marked in the USA. There are 50 million immigrants whereas in Saudi Arabia, Germany and Russia there are 12 million in each country. 

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The private schools of Britain promise to teach the disadvantaged people free-of-charge
The private British schools are going to make contributions up to ten thousand of free-of-charge places for education of children from the families with the low level of income.
Lady Gaga visited the homeless children centre
According to the information provided by Guardian on the 6-th of December, the famous singer Lady Gaga visited the centre in New York where LGBT-youth reside who do not have a permanent accommodation.
Flox along with hospice of New Zealand is creating Christmas baubles
The famous in the world artist Hailey King working under the trademark FLOX has created the design of Christmas baubles depicting flower with medical peculiarities manuka. With the help of sales FLOX intends to arrange December campaign on the collection of financial expenses for the support of hospices in New Zealand.
Writers, rock-stars and artists collect money for London gallery
Classic works created by the famous British artist and children writer Quentin Blake as well as pictures painted by English rock-musician Erik Clapton, the composer of electronic music Brian Eno, and Scottish actor Peter Capaldi are put for the sales on the 7-th of December. The organizers of the stated event are planning to collect money for the further functioning of London gallery.
Belgium photographer dedicated a project to the variety of world nationalities
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In the Netherlands euthanasia for those who "lived enough" might be permitted
Netherlandish authority will prepare a legislative act implying the legalization of assistance in voluntary leaving of this life for those who consider that ‘their lives have run their courses’, however, not compulsory is death sick.
The safest country in the world has been defined
The experts of World Economic forum (WEF) defined the safest countries in the world. The leader of the tanking where 141 states were included became Finland, as it is stated in the report of World Economic forum.
The report: every seven seconds a girl younger than 15 gets married
In the world every seven second the girl aged younger than fifteen years gets married, as it is stated in the report of charitable organization Save The Children.
The creator of Facebook makes a contribution of $3 billion in struggle with diseases
The founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and his spouse Priscilla Chan entered into a bond to contribute 3 billion dollars from personal finances in funding medical investigations during the next decade. The couple expects that it could help to fight off all the famous illnesses by the end of century.
The former captive of ISIS is appointed to be the goodwill ambassador of United Nations
The former captive freed from terroristic organization of ISIS Nadia Murad Basi Taha became the goodwill ambassador of United Nations Organization.
European Court recognized the trip to work and from work as the work
Time spent by the employee to get to his working place will now be considered as working hours. Such a decision has been made by European Court.
Iranian men have worn hijabs as the sign of solidarity with women
Iranian men started publishing in social media their photos in hijabs as the sign of solidarity with the female citizens of the country for whom wearing scarf is compulsory. Yahoo News writes about that.
Esperanto Day
Today fans of the world's first artificial language Esperanto celebrate its Day.
China prepared a plan to build accommodation for a half of Earth population
National commission on the development and reforms of the People’s Republic of China released to public a plan of accommodation building in small and middle-sized towns of the country which is enough for location of 3.4 billion humans what is almost a half of current population of this globe.
Ronaldo directed prize Euro-2016 to the struggle against childhood cancer
Attacking player of Portuguese national team Christiano Ronaldo has sent the prize for victory at Euro to the charity.
The most romantic airports in the world are called
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American man organized a travel for death-sick dog
American man Robert Kugler arrived in the trip throughout the country with his dying from cancer dog called Bella. The story of a man who decided to arrange the last travel for death-sick dog interested foreign mass media, particularly, TV-channels WOWT 6 News and CNN.
European Neighbours' Day
On May 30, 2000 in Paris, it was decided to introduce a new holiday – European Neighbours' Day.
The country with the tallest people is announced
Bosnia and Herzegovina headlined the ranking of countries where the tallest people in the world dwell.
Volunteers from USA saved 200 dogs at beef-producing farm in Korea
At beef-producing farm in Wonju city (Southern Korea) volunteers from American organization on the protection of animals’ rights released more than 200 dogs. The pets had been intended for sale and usage in food, as Daily Mail reported on Wednesday, on the 27-th of April.
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