Zanzibar: Two views on the same island. Part 2
Zanzibar. The archipelago’s name alone is likely to conjure up expectation of some adventure. Two islands in the Indian Ocean, Pemba and Unguja, which form the archipelago, are autonomy within Tanzania and from time to time want to become an independent and sovereign state. But views of inhabitants on this matter differ: someone supports separation from Tanzania, some people are against it. So their life goes on.
24.05.2016 | Zanzibar
Zanzibar: Two views on the same island. Part 1
If in addition to beach holiday you need shopping malls, pubs, clubs and waterfront restaurants, you are advised to give up on Zanzibar, since there you will find yourself at one with palm trees, pearl-coloured sand and he - his majesty the Ocean.
20.05.2016 | Zanzibar
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