This is not a May Day demonstration
Instead of curses and insults - kissing; instead of loud slogans - people dressed like semi-finished food; instead of declarations - body-art. OUTLOOK is revealing the most creative protests.
04.08.2015 | history, illustrations
«I’m selling myself at a high price»
Plenty of open umbrellas colored in intimidating incarnadine aren’t necessarily a sign of an upcoming rain, snow or new-fashioned flash mob. This is the way how sex workers and those who sympathize with their fate protest against violence for the eighth year in a row. In debates concerning prostitution it is hard to strike a happy medium not so much in legal terms as on the level of public consciousness and perception or, more precisely, rejection. Although there were times when so called courtesans exerted impact not only on men’s behavior but also on the course of world politics.
01.11.2014 | world, history, illustrations
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