VIDEO: Vanilla, pistachio... orchid
With the assistance of the Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic in Ukraine we visited Damascus and enjoyed very interesting place. Watch!
MUST-WATCH VIDEO: And some tea to Room 13, please!
This beverage became so deeply ingrained in the life of humans that we sometimes even fail to notice putting a kettle on a stove. There are thousands ways of best-loved beverage brewing in the world. OUTLOOK offers the best of them to your attention.
Musical starts with a bog
It is believed that if you’ve visited New York but failed to attend the place, you shouldn’t even boast of you trip to the Big Apple for local theaters and concert venues are the best in the world. Today we'll show you the Broadway!
27.01.2015 | USA, art, videos
International Animation Day is observed today commemorating the first public performance of Paris native artist and inventor Emile Reynaud’s Theatre Optique on October 28, 1892. On this occasion, OUTLOOK selected stunning animated shorts of recent years, which will cheer you up and make you wonder.
28.10.2014 | cinema, animation, videos
VIDEO: Grand Opening & OUTLOOK World Culture Festival
Recently the official opening of our web-portal about the world THEOUTLOOK.COM.UA and the first annual festival OUTLOOK World Culture Festival was held ! Friends, we have already presented You hundreds of wonderful pictures from the event, among which all the guests could find their photo. Now, to refresh memories and once again to feel the atmosphere of the holiday, we invite You to watch colorful video, in which we tried to collect the most important and bright moments of our event!
VIDEO: A tram to Hawaii
OUTLOOK is interested in how Ukrainians are attached to the traditions of other nations. And when these traditions are so colorful and so gentle at the same time, we want to share it with our readers and viewers.
10.07.2014 | Hawaii, traditions, Ukraine, Kyiv, videos
VIDEO: Rumyantsev-Paskevich Palace
With the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus and personally Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Valentin Velichko we were able to admire Rumyantsev – Paskevich Palace. Now you have this opportunity !
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