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Tourist objects in Germany began to accept crypto-currencies

Author: 17.04.2018 | Germany
Now visit of a number of popular German attractions can be paid not only by euro, but also by crypto-currencies.

Bitcoins (and other similar currencies) are now accepted at Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Lake Constance on the border of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as in the Europe-Park entertainment park.

Crypto-currency as payment for its services is also taken by the German National Committee for Tourism.

According to the authorities of the country, this will help attract more travelers to Germany and in general will positively affect the image of the country. In addition, such a step underscores that Germany supports the use of blocking technologies in the German and international markets.

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It will be interesting:
At the exhibition in Germany, standing chairs for aircraft have been represented
At the forum Aircraft Interiors Expo 2018 in Hamburg, a new model of aircraft seats Skyrider 2.0 is presented. The development of the seats involved Italian company Aviointeriors Group.
Düsseldorf opened medical courses for children
In Düsseldorf, medical courses for children are provided for first aid.
ART COLOGNE exhibition opened in Germany
In Cologne, the largest art exhibition in Germany - ART COLOGNE has been opened.
The world's first bassets museum opened in Germany
In the Bavarian city of Passau, the world's first museum of dachshunds opened.
Public transport in Germany could become free-of-charge
Free-of-charge trip by buses, trams, and underground will appear in five German cities. To improve the ecology, the federal government of the country and regional municipalities are planning to extend the project to all the country.
German startup helps to find a dog in a shelter for musical tastes
German startup with the help of the program Adoptify helps to choose a pet in the shelter in compliance with musical tastes.
Munich is recognized as the best city for Christmas shopping
The experts of British company POST OFFICE compared the cost of six expensive goods from the famous brands, particularly, iPad, jeans Levi’s, lipstick Clinique and other items, in ten cities of Europe. It was defined that in Munich such a set will charge the most cheaply, only 874 euro.
In Germany the first ‘clever’ bridge will be opened
The opening of bridge in the length of 156 meters will happen in October. Its unique nature will be included in the presence of technologies that have not been used earlier. Particularly, the bridge itself will day and night long send information to the engineers who have not had access to the mentioned data beforehand.
In Germany the first train on the traces of pokemons is launched
In German Dusseldorf the first race is implemented by the train on the route of the popular game Pokemon Go.
In Berlin the first plane created with the help of 3D printer has been shown
At the air-show in Berlin Thor was represented which is the first in the world aircraft plane created with the help of 3D printer.
In Berlin centurial house is offered free-of-charge
Magnificent wooden house in Scandinavian style having been built up in 1911 in the administrative area of Berlin Kopenick is offered to take free-of-charge – the opportunity may be given to the new owner. The only hitch, as German magazine «Focus» reports, became the necessity to move the house in other place.
In Berlin online-university for refugees will appear
In Berlin the free-of-charge online-university for refugees started work.
Alpine cows are to remain without bells
The tinkle of cows’ bells at a distance is one of the most recognizable sounds in Alps. However, soon it may become only reminiscence of the past, at least, in German Allgäu.
In Munich the gay-friendly traffic lights have appeared
In German city Munich LGBT-friendly traffic lights have appeared where not only heterosexual couples but also gays and lesbies hold hands. As PinkNews reports, the local council decided to equip pedestrian crossings in such a way on the threshold of Gay Pride (annual gay-parade) which is to occur on Saturday, on the 11-th of July.
In Germany street-art festival is being held
In German Saarland within the territory of the former metallurgical complex of Völklingen city URBANART BIENNALE-2015 is starting.
In Bavaria one of the oldest cracknel in the world is found
During archaeological excavations in Bavaria, it is found a cracknel age of which is nearly 250 years. As The Local reports, researchers bumped into bakery good in the district of Regensburg city.
In Germany the gates of concentration camp Dachau
From the former Nazi concentration camp in Dachau the steely door with writing “Labour makes free” has been stolen.
The Rhine River in Flames Festival
Every summer, five times in five different locations along the middle flow of the Germany main river Rhine, half a million spectators come eager to admire magnificent fireworks - festival of lights.
Bach Festival in Leipzig
On June 13 in Leipzig starts festival dedicated to the great German composer Johann Sebastian Bach.
Jazz Rally Festival in Dusseldorf
Today in the German city of Düsseldorf opens the world's largest jazz festival Jazz Rally.
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