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Independence Day in Georgia

Автор: 26.05.2016 | Georgia, holiday, history, politic
Today the main national holiday is celebrated in the country of Georgia – the Day of First Republic.

This date is devoted to the first declaration of independence in 1918, but then the Georgians enjoyed their freedom not for long. Four years later Georgia joined the Soviet Union and remained a part of it until its breakup in 1991. Zviad Gamsakhurdia became the President then.

Georgia's fate was not always easy. Over the last 23 years this proud nation experienced two wars and revolution. Today this state is successfully developing and becoming a remarkable tourist destination. In November 2013 Georgia initialled an Association Agreement with the European Union and is currently engaged into active pro-Western policies.

However, despite the Soviet past and focus on joining the EU, the country carefully honours its national traditions and preserves the local flavour. In this country Russian is spoken mainly by older generation and is not popular among young people. In general, Russian has a very limited application; no one even speaks it in the mountain region. Now English is tending to become the second official language in Georgia, children are taught it at schools from the first grade.

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