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The cars of trademark Maserati are not only for speed and reliability but also for the incredible feeling of style. Indeed, other famous brands cannot boast of similar stylish features even if they are aware of the subtleties of technologies and design. Outlook will tell you when and how they started creating the masterpieces on the wheels. As well, we’ll talk about the difficulties they faced and an overnight success they became.

In the basis of Maserati brand there are family relationships, the sturdiest fundamental for any business and quite typical for quick-tempered Italians who, even after getting older and moving around the world do not forget and respect closest people. The traditional Mediterranean family atmosphere was played out in the cinema and literature with different caricatures. But, actually, it causes even jealousy because of its warmth and sincerity. Our today characters, brothers Maserati from Bolognya loved each other so much. It illustrates the current situation in Italian families even though the famous brothers were born on the border of XIX-XX centuries. In general, this family had six brothers, and all of them contributed a part of their soul in the common deal that started after the eldest brothers Carlo and Alfieri got keen on the races.

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In several years brothers Maserati who used to be the real children of new technical century and worked in different workshops decided to create their own car atelier Società Anonima Officine Alfieri Maserati in 1914. The director of that was their eldest brother, Alfieri. The company logo was invented by the middle brother Mario who drew the famous trident, the element of legendary fountain, the decoration of the main Bolognya’s square. Exchanging ideas and having got a significant experience of work, the brothers were quite enthusiastic about their work. They represented their workshop, firstly, as the place which improves racing cars. To cut a long story short, they did tuning and were famous only among similar professionals.


The real breakthrough for brothers happened on the 25-th of April 1926 when the totally constructed car Maserati Gran Prix 1500 won the prestigious races Targo Floria. By the way, Alifieri was driving this car in the races. Afterwards, the company that used to be unknown got adored by the mass media and the tournaments saw their numerous victories. Maserati stopped doing tuning of the cars belonging to other trademarks. The family completely switched to the work over their own supercars. As the specialists said, the main reason of brothers’ success is the revolutionary projection of 4-, 6-, 8-, 16-cylinder power aggregates. Eighty years ago the speedy indicators of the cars Maserati in 130 horse power just made competitors crazy and fascinated the specialists because even today the similar figures cause respect. So, it is not astonishing that all 1930s when their cars only won different tournaments, the racers from Europe and their rivals were passionate about possessing their technologies. Being the strongest constructors, Maserati were really weak businessmen who could not sell and promote their production. It led to the controversial situation, particularly, triumphs at the highways and problems with the loans. The creditors made Maserati sell the family business to other brothers, Orsi, the wealthy noble people.

History og brand: Cadillac for president

The next ten years represented absolutely another epoch and the history of small family business transformed into the huge corporation. Orsi understood which kind of treasure they got and their committed wise things. They left Maserati work in the company completely giving them technical and design questions and dealt only with commercial issues. The personnel of the company was taught from the brothers with the nuances of collective work, the cars were successfully sold to other countries, the racers continued praising them while the wealthy people gave giant amounts for the possession of the legendary models such as Maserati 8CTF.

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Things looked up then, that’s why after ten-year contract of the brothers ended and inside the corporation there were genius engineers growing who took all the subtleties of the production from the founders and developed them to even greater breakthrough, Orsi Gruppo stopped working with the famous family. Then, the next stage of brand’s governing started that continues up to now. The ways of brothers who gave their name to the brand did not cross with this company. They tried to develop a new company O.S.C.A. but it was unsuccessfully, so, they were not able to stay closer to their first construction triumph…

Ignition takes it all!

Today Maserati, as well as any other successful product lived more than his creators and it feels quite confident. Their main office has been working in Moden for about fifty years. It was decided to move cities from Bolognya, and the trademark became the possession of industrial group Fiat even though after the epoch of Orsi Sitroen and De Tomaso were the owners of this company. At the end of 1950s Maserati started producing not racing cars but usual ones, but the tournaments, such as Formula 1 went on seeing their cars as the winners. The demand on ordinary cars was higher than on the sports ones, as market is market. Certainly, it is hard to get rid of the roots because in Mаserati Quаttroporte and Mаserati Grаn Turismо there is a sense of style and reliability as well as the inborn passion for speed. Moreover, it is not only a kind of sensation. The ordinary cars are able to get incredibly high speed for some seconds in case one presses the pedals more.

Photo: mаserа

The interesting facts about Maserati:

- In the years when the company was in the possession of brothers Orsi, in Italy the greatest magnificence belonged to Benito Mussolini whom all the industrial producers of the country tried to do a favor and give the ‘personal and eternal automobile’. Not only did duche love the trademark Maserati but also he ordered their engineers to produce the engines and parts for military cars. The famous connoisseurs of Maserati in all the times have been different successful people. Bono, Marcello Mastroianni, Luciano Pavarotti, etc talked about their love to the brand and boasted of the purchase of its production.

Palio del Papero: Not Just Birds

- In 1950s when the brand came to the range of ‘civil’ ones, the engineers tried to make motorcycles for a while, but they did not become an overnight success in this area.

- According to the information known from the commercial mystery of the production, every car comes through nearly 700 different testing at the plant.

- On the border of 1930-1940 American racer, Wilbur Shaw who drove Maserati 8 CTF won Indianapolis 500 twice. Since then, no other Italian car won these legendary American races. 

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