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Stereotypes are terrible. They form a definite picture of the world in our heads, and it is not so easy to change. Take, for instance, the concept of skyscraper: imagination of 90% people immediately provoke skyline of American cities, familiar from movies and TV. It is quite logical, but nowadays panorama of the best luxury skyscrapers is in other direction – keep moving to the East. For Arab structures may outdo Western ones in all respects.
In Kyiv Kuwait Day of Culture has started
In Kyiv on the 5-th of February Culture Days of Kuwait started. They are dedicated to the 25-th anniversary of diplomatic relations between our countries. All the events will go under the support of the Embassy of Kuwait to Ukraine and personally Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Mr Rashid Hammad Al Advani.
07.02.2018 | culture, diplomacy, Kuwait
Ambassador of Kuwait arranged a reception in honor of National day and Day of liberation
The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Kuwait to Ukraine Rashid Hammad al-Advani organized an official reception in honor of National day and Day of liberation of Kuwait. So as to congratulate the head of diplomatic mission with the holiday his colleagues came, such as ambassadors of Iraq, Qatar, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Pakistan, Belarus, Palestine, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Sweden, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Tajikistan, Algeria, Portugal, representatives of community, and mass media.
23.02.2017 | diplomacy, Kuwait
Newly appointed ambassador of Kuwait in Ukraine awarded deputy of Minister of International Affairs with letters of credence
The deputy of Minister of international affairs of Ukraine Serhii Kislitsa accepted copies of the letters of credence of newly appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Kuwait state in Ukraine Rashid Hammad Al Advani.
01.08.2016 | diplomacy, Kuwait
Ambassador of Kuwait to Ukraine Holds Reception in Honor of the National Day
Solemn event was held on the occasion of 55th anniversary of Independence of the State of Kuwait and 24th anniversary of the country’s liberation. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Mr. Yousef Al-Gabandi greeted guests in person, together with representatives of Kuwaiti diplomatic mission.
26.02.2016 | diplomacy, Kuwait
Caravel will be built here: Ships born in Kuwait
The small state of Kuwait possess a true talent to build new ships and set off to the open sea those who are not afraid of a long voyage. Today we will tell you about the Kuwaiti shipbuilding.
12.10.2015 | do you know, Kuwait
Ambassador of Kuwait in Ukraine held a diplomatic reception in honor of the National Day
On the occasion of the 54th anniversary of Independence of the State of Kuwait and the 24th anniversary of the liberation of Kuwait, solemn diplomatic reception was hosted in Kiev.
26.02.2015 | diplomacy, Kuwait
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