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World Savings Day

Автор: 31.10.2017 | world
Today, on the 31-st of October, the World Savings Day of Savings, or Economy Day is celebrated.

This holiday was established on the resolution of the First International Congress of savings-banks occurred in Milan from the 27-th till 31-st of October, 1924. According to the initial plan, the holiday had to remind about the importance of cost-cutting and capital formations.

Since 1989, International Economy Day achieved the confirmation of United Nations, thus acquiring the official status. This day it is supposed not only to be tight with money, reducing unnecessary expenditures, but also spare other valuable resources: time, energy, etc.

It is interesting that now such a holiday as World Economy Day is not popular enough with the crowds. It is considered that the stated trend is connected with the fact that holiday coincides in time with Halloween which is celebrated magnificently in different countries of the world. 

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