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Know "your way" around the sky: the most highland cities of the world

Автор: 04.10.2021 | Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela
Anyone who has ever been to the mountains must have thought about staying there forever. But after a few hours such peson started feeling the "charm" of unimaginable height and ran back to the native lowlands ... Is it possible to live permanently where it is sometimes difficult even to breathe?

The answer is yes, and today we will talk about the five most interesting high-mountain cities in the world!

La Rinconada, Peru: the sky is the limit

There is an opinion that it is impossible to live at an altitude of more than 4800 meters above sea level constantly. Mountain sickness necessarily occurs there associated with a lack of oxygen, impaired concentration and other unpleasant symptoms. Experience has shown, this is difficult, but possible. More than 50 thousand inhabitants of La Rinconada in Peru have been living at 5100 meters above sea level for many years. They do not only live, but also work at the local gold mine, which is tied to the entire economy of the city. More and more new workers are constantly arriving here, seeking to make good money. And recently, a real gold rush has occured there, forcing precious metal seekers to climb to the very top of the world and experience all the hardships of the local way of life. As you might have expected, the path to the city, and the urban infrastructure itself, is not so simple. There is no sewage system or even water supply, and you can only reach your destination by foot going along a narrow mountain road. Living and working conditions in the city cannot be called favorable because of the danger of collapse of mines, glacial floods, lack of sanitary service... Soil and water are poisoned by mercury which local miners use to extract gold. Residents of La Rinconada live in small houses, barracks, built on the mountain slopes in close

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Apartaderos, Venezuela: between three rivers

The highest mountain city of Venezuela, located at an altitude of 3505 meters above sea level, attracts many residents of the country those who are tired of the constant noise and bustle. And many people still manage to get to the calm Andes and live here in the valley to the sound of three mountain rivers... Locals are engaged in agriculture, but tourists still bring the main income to the city. The city has a well-developed infrastructure, there is everything for a comfortable stay - cozy restaurants, comfortable hotels, various shops and souvenir shops... And the construction of a spacious highway greatly simplified the path to the city that is hidden from civilization.Vista_del_Pueblo_de_Apartaderos.jpgPhoto

La Paz, Bolivia: phantom capital

La Paz appears as the highest mountain capital in the world in different sources. This is a "yes and no" situation. The fact is that legally Sucreis the capital of Bolivia. But in fact, La Paz grabbed the biggest piece of the pie in 1898, when most state institutions moved here together with the presidential residence. The capital is located at an altitude of 3600 meters above sea level. The population is almost 2 million people, along with the suburbs, making La Paz one of the largest cities in the country. Not only the height of the city is amazing, but also its uneven terrain with many sudden descents and ascents, which can be difficult to overcome. But trained locals move at the speed of professional athletes. For those who have few heights and who are drawn even higher, there is a viewing platform Kiri-Kiri, allowing you to fully enjoy the magnificent view of the city.La-Paz-Bolivia.jpgPhoto

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Lhasa, Tibet: the city of the gods

The title of the city of Lhasa, located at an altitude of 3650 meters above sea level, is translated from Tibetan as “the city of the gods” ... And this title suits it perfectly. It spread its expanses in the very center of the Tibetan plateau, surrounded by the most beautiful mountains in the world.And having watched such a close sky, you certainly come to the conclusion that this place is really unique. For many years, Lhasa has attracted tourists, while not offering either expensive restaurants or trendy resorts... There is nothing luxury - only silence and calmness. It is believed that the residence of the Dalai Lama is situated in Lhasa. There are no luxury hotels here, but a visiting tourist can easily settle in one of the local families or in one of the small motels.View-on-the-Gangen-Monastery-in-Tibet.jpgPhoto

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Quito, Ecuador: pioneer in UNESCO

And here is the official highest mountain capital of the world, Quito, located at an altitude of 2850 meters above sea level. Today, more than 2.5 million people live here, making Quito the second largest city in the country. The center of the capital of Ecuador is considered not only the highest mountain city, but also one of the most valuable in terms of architecture. In 1978, together with the Polish Krakow, it was first declared an object of cultural heritage of world significance. The UNESCO Commission appreciated the good preservation of the buildings. Quito can easily be called the political, economic and cultural center of Ecuador. And it plays an important role in the life of the whole continent: the headquarters of the Union of South American Nations is located in the vicinity of the city.lists-5-cultural-highlights-of-quito-ecuador.jpgPhoto

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