VIDEO. Bethlehem: perfect holiness
On this great holiday for all Christians of the Orthodox rite, we want to present you a video about the holy places of Palestine, namely the city of Bethlehem.
In the capital of Ukraine the official Iftar happened
On the occasion of the beginning of the sacred month Ramadan in Kyiv mosque Ar-Rahma it was an official iftar. In compliance with the tradition, the event was organized by the Spiritual Directorate of the Muslims of Ukraine (SDMU).
02.06.2017 | religion, diplomacy, Kyiv
The Muslims of Kyiv celebrated Maulid – the holiday of birthday of Prophet Muhammad
On the 20-th of December in the walls of Kyiv church mosque ‘Ar-Rahma’ there was a festive event dedicated to the birth of Prophet Muhammad, one of the most important events in the history of Islamic world.
21.12.2016 | religion, diplomacy
In Kyiv Ar-Rahma Mosque Eid al-Fitr
Today in Ukraine the Muslims celebrated holiday of the first meal after feast Eid al-Fitr (Oraza baýramy). The festive prayer happened in Kyiv cathedral mosque Ar-Rahma. This year there was a record number of those who decided to make holy namaz, particularly, more than three thousand Muslims.
06.07.2016 | holiday, religion
In the Ar-Rahma Mosque the official iftar has happened
In Kyiv mosque Ar-Rahma the official iftar has happened, particularly, on the occasion of Ramadan month which is traditionally organized by the Spiritual Directorate of the Muslims of Ukraine so as to enhance relations of common ground and friendship among the representatives of different nationalities of Ukrainian society as well to acquaint diplomats and international organizations with the life of Muslims in Ukraine.
21.06.2016 | religion
Celebration of Mawlid Takes Place at Ar-Rahma Mosque, Kyiv
Solemn event dedicated to one of the main Muslim holidays – birth of the Prophet Muhammad – took place in the capital of Ukraine in Ar-Rahma Mosque.
24.12.2015 | religion
Official Iftar Takes Place in Kyiv
Official Iftar dedicated to the beginning of Ramadan, sacred month for Muslims all over the world, took place at Kiev Congregational Mosque Ar-Rahma.
26.06.2015 | religion, diplomacy
Voodoo people
Today beware of black magic more than ever. Why? Well, it’s January, 10, Voodoo Day!
10.01.2015 | religion, Africa
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