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Yummy fingers: What awaits you behind scenes of the world best kitchens

Can you remember the most unusual dish that you had ever a chance to try? You decide what kind of food it was: something exotic; those insects that we can hardly imagine as an ingredient; strange drink with a bitter taste; an unexpected combination of bitter and sour... Everyone has his or her own unforgettable experience in this regard.

Today we would like to tell our readers about unusual and prominent chefs of the world, and even without reference to their era. Dedicated to admirers of history!

Why do you like pasta?

Pasta is a signature dish of Italian cuisine. Did you know that the first chef who cooked it was a man who lived in the 15th century? Martino da Como is the creator of the first vermicelli in the world. At least, before him, no one bothered to cook this simple dish. However, is it possible to call easy something that required such effort?

Before cooking vermicelli, Martino da Como studied the nutritional qualities for about three years. That dish, which we now know under the name pasta, was the result of years of searching. Vermicelli was cooked by trial and error. By the way, Martino da Como was the personal cook of the Pope. The world's first book of recipes named the Liber de arte coquinaria, is attributable to this chef unequalled in his field at the time. To sum-up, he was a sacred person.09112015_15minute_pastasauce_tomato.jpgPhoto

Surviving dinner

French chef François Vatel was famous for his exquisite pastry. Starting a career as a waffle seller, the future chef was incredibly observant. He talked with the cooks about what interested them, and collected the best recipes in his treasury of ideas. Vatel went to his godfather, who was a successful confectioner in France, and outdid his teacher. At least, his berries covered in caramel, and pear pies were quickly enjoyed by the fastidious French. In the 1660s, Vatel had a good deal of luck. He came to the service of Prince de Condé, and was very confident in his culinary skills. He assured the crowned head: "I will never disappoint you!" He paid for this phrase.2017-167-Крема-каталана-по-рецепту-Феррана-Адриа.jpgPhoto

Once, during the Fast, the owner of the fish shop failed to deliver fish to Vatel. At the same time, the prince was counting on sea food delicacies, and to offer him something else meant to spoil holiday for Condé. François Vatel decided that this was the end of his life mission; he committed suicide by running himself through with his sword.

Turning water into wine

The legend of how easily Jesus managed to turn water into wine, spread all over the world. Today, there is a chef who is able to perform, if not exactly the same miracles, then something alike. Ferran Adrià is able to make intricate and complex dishes from simple at first glance ingredients. He knows that the product has not only taste and shape, but also temperature and flavour notes. You can play with the latter, adding an unusual taste to the dish.7834545_4f505960-90e5-11e8-b055-1b6e41247303-1.jpgPhoto

In his hands, almonds become a loaf of bread, apricots are transformed into edible paper, and from the air, as it turned out, you can make "culinary foam"... Ferran Adrià belongs to the culinary professionals who refer to cooking as creativity. It is no coincidence that he was dubbed as Mendeleev of molecular cuisine. Not surprisingly, the elBulli restaurant, located on the Costa Brava, employs both chefs and chemists.EL-BULLI-09a.jpgPhoto

What about Olivier salad?

Who does not love Olivier salad, also known as Russian salad? It is a rhetorical question. However, if the creator of the current salad Lucien Olivier resurrected and tasted this dish, he would hardly have been pleased. Initially, salad was based on hazel grouse, partridge, crayfish tails and other meat goodies. The dish was served in combination with a pile of potatoes with Provençal dressing. The French culinary expert worked in the Hermitage restaurant; as a true gourmet, he was sure that the portion should be small and the dish delicious. However, the regulars of the restaurant did not share his view. In their opinion, the main purpose of the meal was to fill stomach. Consequently, portions should correspond to the main goal. Lucien Olivier was infuriated: the tradition of fine cuisine was crumbling before his eyes. Therefore, in the end, he resold the restaurant and, fortunately for him, he did not know that you add sausage to his signature salad.olivier-salad-recipe-4-e1481321000516.jpg

Who cooks better - a woman or a man?

Is it appropriate to ask such questions? But it turns out that there are more men in the rankings of the world's best chefs, however, no such rating of international chefs can be considered complete without a cook whose skill deserves close attention.Anne-Sophie-Pic-01.jpgPhoto

Anne-Sophie Pic is one of the few women in the world who can boast three Michelin stars. Her restaurant Pik is famous for fish delicacies, this beautiful lady runs her own enterprise, and launched a school for future cooks. The restaurant's cuisine was highly valued by demanding French for almost a hundred years, so Ann-Sophie soon opened a second restaurant, in Switzerland. The next is better: restaurant La Dame de Pic opened in 2012 in France... Valencia, Paris, Lausanne and London... It seems that the great woman-cook has only to conquer the eastern part of the planet. And wow, in 2019 the restaurant opened in Singapore! original_dame-de-pic-2.jpgPhoto

Still, there is a male chef who conquered the culinary world through... Instagram! Celebrity chef Nusret burst into the gastronomic world, he became widely known by his peculiar way of sprinkling salt: dropping it from his fingertips to his forearm, and then falling onto the dish. More than 10 million subscribers are watching how in Istanbul, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Miami and finally in New York they cut, pickle meat and cook wonderful dishes. New York, by the way, was the dream and goal of Nusret, after which he recognized himself as an outstanding cook.32188929.jpgPhoto

Thus, planning your trip, try to get to one of these places. If you manage to meet one of the above chefs, then your dinner will be justified not only gastronomically, but also emotionally. Bon appetit!

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