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International Music Festival “Sharq Taronalari” Concludes in Samarqand

Автор: 01.09.2015 | festival, music, Uzbekistan
In last days of summer friendly Samarqand opened its doors for hundreds of talented singers, dancers and musicians from all over the world, who came there to participate in International Music Festival “Sharq Taronalari” (“Melodies of the East”). Team of the OUTLOOK did its part and headed for Uzbekistan to adopt practices and get better acquainted with music culture.

This epic event that provides for preservation and development of both music and singing art traditions of peoples of the world and for association of nations, takes place in Uzbekistan biannually with the support of the President of the state Islam Karimov, UNESCO as well as Ministry for Culture and Sports of the republic, National Television and Radio Company, Union of Composers and Khokimiyat of Samarqand Region.

In his official speech the head of the state noted: “It pleases me greatly to wholeheartedly salute you, dear participants of the festival, in ancient and beautiful Samarqand. In a way we hold jubilee forum today –tenth International Music Festival “Sharq Taronalari”. This year’s participation in our fest of famous masters of arts and creative groups from dozens of states of Asian, African, European and American continents speaks for the fact that our festival gains greater popularity and acknowledgement around the globe, its status and authority advance. We welcome and honor you not just as distinguished guests but also as ambassadors of peace and friendship, who express spirit and distinctive character of their peoples by means of music and who communicate to us their noble dreams and aspirations as our close and dear friends.”

This year winning places of the festival were taken by the following states: participants from China won Grand Prix; first place was awarded to representatives of Japan; second place was split by music bands from Poland and Estonia; Costa Rica and Pakistan were honored with the third place. All in all representatives of 67 states, among them Azerbaijan, Singapore, Belgium, South Korea, Indonesia, Morocco, Canada, Japan, India, China, Israel, Uzbekistan, Costa Rica, Madagascar, the South Africa and many others participated in the contest. 

Ukraine was represented in the festival by Veseli Muzyky band.Band that charged all the guests of the festival with their color and energy. Lineup of the band (it exists for 30 years) includes professionals of the highest rank – 5 virtuosos: Sergiy Khutryakov (singing, chromatic accordion), Pavel Bugar (singing, sopilka – Ukrainian national kind of flute), Valeriy Holub (singing, violin), Yuriy Rizol (singing, percussions), Alexander Chukh (singing, bass). Musicians have more than once become awardees of both Ukrainian and international festivals and contests; all the members are Merited Artists of Ukraine. As of today, the band has 5 recorded discs and two movies. Two audio albums and two movies were published in the USA. Records of Veseli Muzyky are sold in 56 states of the world.

Within the framework of their performance during the festival Veseli Muzyky presented truly colorful and dynamic show. Nearly every member of the band had a chance to demonstrate technique of a virtuoso during solo pieces. Performance of the band was based on non-stop principle: dancing routines and solo instrumentals followed songs thus keeping the audience attentive every instant. And although parts of every musician are very rich music-wise, Veseli Muzyky tend to greater and greater theatricalization of a music show. It is probably thanks to this that the band and the audience had a very strong connection from the very first moments of the concert. 

Traditionally, performances of talents (they took place in historic part of Samarqand – on Registan Square) were evaluated by reputable jury: lead music scholars, art directors and directors of international festivals. Grand Prix in the amount of 10 thousand dollars was established for the winners. Holders of three winning places (two leaders each) got seven, five and three thousand dollars.

Moreover, participants of the festival held concert shows in a number of off-site stages in Samarqand’s parks of culture and rest as well as in suburbs of the region. And every willing one was able not only to enjoy music but also became familiar with global traditions by attending exhibitions of national music instruments, craftsmanship products and historic outfits, meet-the-artist events and communication with participants.

Our team, being a guest of this amazing fest, would like to emphasize on high organizational level of every event of the festival as well as rich sightseeing program. Every day of the contest was concluded with friendly singing battles and virtuosic performances of musical improvisations by artists from different countries already outside stage at Registan Square.

Within the framework of the festival traditional international science-and-theory conference took place. Topic of this year’s conference was “Commonness of Music Culture of Peoples of the East”. Scientists from 15 countries – music scholars, critics and theorists – came to participate in it and discuss the issue of preservation and development of many-centuries-old music traditions of peoples of the world.

Unique place, where the festival was held – Registan Square – deserves special attention. It is a part of great architecture ensemble of Eastern Middle Ages in Samarqand – the city that, for its beauty and magnificence of palatial architecture, was called a Pearl of the East by travelers as far back as in ancient times of the Great Silk Road. Being a capital of a great Medieval empire of a famous conqueror Tamerlane, Samarqand gathered best minds and talents of those times: scientists, men of art, architects, poets and each of them glorified the legendary city in own way.

On historic Registan Square, surrounded by magnificent monuments of Eastern architecture on every side, a huge open-air stage with fantastic lighting and acoustics was erected – there talented creative groups from every nook of the world performed. Also, for every guest of the fest unique large-scale 3D-show was created that demonstrated all milestones of Uzbekistan’s history.

First Sharq Talonalari took place in 1997 with music bands and performers from 31 countries participating in it; this number grew each year and all in all by now singers and musicians, performance bands and ensembles and music scholars from over ninety states of the world have participated in it.

Nowadays the festival is one of the most popular and famous music events not only in Central Asia but far outside its boundaries. Evidence of the fact is that year by year not only number and artistic level of contestants advance, but also geography of participating states broadens. Its making it to the list of UNESCO international culture events testifies to great political and spiritual value of the festival. This kind of large-scale event not only honors any state but also make for a huge responsibility before global community!

OUTLOOK expresses enormous gratitude for the invitation to this amazing fest to orchestrators of the festival as well as to the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Ukraine as personally Mr. Ambassador Alisher Abdualiev!

Dear readers, expect a colorful video about what was going on in Samarqand any time soon!

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