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Costa Rica: reasons to be happy

Автор: 08.12.2021 | Costa Rica, travels
In a search of a perfect destination one could base on different principles. Being guided by the desire to see the life of exhilarating people, you should go to Costa Rica. This country is the leader according to the international happiness statistics The Happy Planet Index.

This feeling that is not beyond control of the calculations and formulas was framed by the research center of ‘Earth Institute’ in Columbian University. Not taking into consideration the economic data but, instead, basing on the average life length, ecology in the region, as well as people’s satisfaction with life the list of countries pleased with their being was created.

Costa Rica takes the top of the chart. We prepared for the readers ten reasons to be happy and surprised, according to the citizens of Costa Rica:

Puravidra as the lifestyle in Latin American country. Literally the expression is translated as ‘pure life’. This many-sided collocation means greeting, farewell, agreement, and encouragement and is embodied in the view of bare foot, surfing at the sunset, tropical jungles, and crystal waters. With the green branch of flora and fauna, cutting space between North and South America, Costa Rica gives a breath of fresh air immersing in its courageous world…Photo

The space where one needs to listen and watch. The lizard could hide among the branches, white-headed jay may curiously peer out from the nest while crab-hermit must greet from its house-shell. The state that represented the entire conservation with the variety of national parks such as Corvacado with deciduous smells and waterfalls, Santa Rosa with a great deal of ecological system levels, Guayabo as the archeological destination. Wild animals do not need to be obeyed and locals give them legal act. The animals that are in trouble will get help in the reservation Jaguar rescue center.img_0961_costarica_drakebay_day4_piratecove_lunchlizardbanana1.jpgPhoto

The bird Quetzal is a little bird with bright coloration and beautiful feather. The ancient Maya called it to be a bird of happiness while Aztec considered it as the bird of freedom. These tribes regarded it as the patron of air. Now we have a small number of Quetzals as they are saved in the reservations of Costa Rica because many representatives of this kind were killed because of beautiful feather. The legend on courageous and strong chief Tekun Uman is connected with the unusual color. If one has feelings in the heart, it is easy to believe that verily wingbeat of a little bird brings people smiles.

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Art. Basing on Spanish sources and adding African and Caribbean as well as Indian influence, the sunsets of the island are going under the accordion, mandolin, and marimba. In 1949 the country refused to have army in benefit of culture and education. The freedom of expression and such financial contribution gave their fruits, and country got artists and performers who have an international popularity.IMG_7558.jpgPhoto

The village Montesuma. Avoiding travel routes and releasing creative potential, you should head for the village Montesuma. During several dozen years the place has been chosen by the extraordinary personalities, such as owners of piercing, tattoos, rastamans with dreads, and bright virtuosos. Here one could spend some time alone in an old wooden hotel-house and may, as well, sleep on the beach observing fire sunsets.

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The huge tortoises. Sea olive tortoises swim to lay eggs in the places where a foot left traces on the golden sands. This special kind of animals with shell is situated on the beaches Ostional and Nancite. The event is called arribada and in translation from Mexican it means ‘arrival’. One needs to be truly happy to embed it or at least watch. The hundreds of females come on land to nest and leave the generation. According to the record of 1995, there are five hundred thousand of females on the bank.CRTURNIC_RS_2012_0575-2.jpgPhoto

Beaches. They seem to compete offering sand white like a flour and calm beat of waves. The streams combine and wait for swimmers, they give to the connoisseurs of sea food the take from prawns, crabs and mussels. Near the dense forests the curious monkeys, anteaters, sloths, and coatis are hidden. The green tousles invite in the fairy-tale bays where there are views to Pacific or Atlantic Ocean where one could make an investigation of sea world with the help of pipe and diving suit. The most visited place for relax is the famous worldwide beach Manuel Antonio. Nearby there is a city Cepos where one could fish. Playa Domonical was also open in 1970s and is considered as the best for surfers, both for novices and for professionals.Punta-Uva.jpg Photo

Volcanos. Like the dragons, fire-breathing mountains take care of their sleep threatening to wake up. Within the territory of Costa Rica there are acting volcanoes and one of them is Paos. This is the entire organism which ejections count nearly thirty nine times. It consists of three craters on one of which there is a lake with picturesque banks. The photos of volcanoes are depicted in all the leaflets and after the opening of park zone at 8 am one could hear the hissing steam and noise of splashes. The activity of ejection and prominent places is supported by the ash to Turrialba and Arenal. The attendance of such points is absolutely comparable with universal adventures.Photo

Coffee and chocolate. As it is known, the chocolate is the first and easily acceptable source of endorphins due to the amino acid. One could reach cocoa trees through jungles so as to see how chaotically they grow in wild nature. The locals invented the whole chocolate tour where one could hug the source of sweetness, watch workshop on candies preparation and hot drinks on Indian recipes.Untitled-design-2020-01-20T114652.684.jpgPhoto

For the first time because of green leaves and red fruits coffee was considered as the symbol of Christmas. Today at any moments one could be assured how much labour and love aboriginal people put into growing grains, how to prepare the flavored mixture according to Costa Rica approach and which taste happiness has. The coffee plantations will whisper you that the first sort of grains comes to export, the second will remain inside the country. The firms with the magnificent views wait for guests in Nacientes Palmichal.

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