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Mexican jungle hides Mayan Megaliths in Palenque from prying eyes. The Temple of the Inscriptions, the Tomb of the Red Queen, the Pyramid of Skulls - these names would remind the funeral cult to archaeologists. Some people believe that the elixir of immortality is concealed somewhere behind the debris of the Mayan civilization.

Constructed of huge boulders, the megalithic stonewalls once represented a real kingdom, the stronghold of the Mayan culture in the III-VIII centuries. Looking at the magnificent but deserted walled complex, we understand that frozen clumps witnessed decline of the great empire. And how did it all begin?

...When the followers of the Great Snake cult emerged in the territory of modern Mexico, the savages choose their leader. Chief Wotan founded the state of Baakal with its capital in Lakamha. Subsequently, the capital city became known as Palenque, which means "fortification".

According to Mayan legend, the Sun went down twice, and darkness fell all over the world. To restore the natural course of things, the gods sent to the people four jaguars designed to defuse the thick fog and draw the human eye to the sky. As the story goes, they lit seven eternal fires in the mountains connected in the Sun of the Third Age, and the jaguars have been named the wild cats of the New World. In addition, the image of sunrise is reflected in layout of Mayan temples and palaces.

Researchers of the Mayan culture can tell many similar legends, and all of them are associated with life-giving and healing power. Not surprisingly, in the very heart of the Mayan civilization, Palenque, scientists find food for thought, esoteric adventurers - for soul. People, who have experienced such an expedition, tell that when approaching the megaliths they felt their consciousness rising to a new level: there came solution to the problems over which they had been puzzled for ages. Some individuals mention the phenomenon, typical of many "places of power", when a so-called "portal" - entrance to another world - opens in front of a person. Physically, people feel some kind of "vortex maelstrom" that seemed to pull them into invisible funnel.

What is a vital power attracting people to Palenque, which was called the "city of snakes" by the Maya? They come for the evolutionary transformation, recovery from insanity and mental injuries, and holding out hopes to cure infertility.

Contrary to the name, the area is not teeming with creeping creatures. Snake is an archetype of wisdom and spiritual development, common not only for Mesoamerica, but also found in Indian, Egyptian and Japanese mythology. Travellers come to Palenque looking for traces of Venus, Mayan object of worship. Guiding star - cosmic love is embodied by Mayahuel, Maya goddess who used to dwell under the protection of the celestial monster Sky Serpent. One day, the god of wind attacked Mayahuel, the Serpent rushed to defend her, but the goddess perished. According to legends, agave grew over her grave, from which people brewed a healing broth. In addition, the land where Mayahuel rests, has become a symbol of the Divine Mother. People who believe in the historical power of Palenque, come there to ask nature for strong family, healthy children and happy life.

Other pilgrims are convinced that among the hieroglyphic inscriptions on the remains of the history, the elixir of immortality is hidden. Otherwise, there would not have been a legend telling about two heroes of the Maya, Hunahpú and Ixbalanque, who managed to defeat in the battle the gods of death. Moreover, not without reason Maya have been nicknamed the time keepers - if they can control hours, minutes and years that are not returnable for mere mortals, why can’t you acquire eternal life, entering into the gear mechanism counting time?

Archaeologists concluded that the tombstone of sarcophagus of Baakal ruler of the Maya kingdom, who lived in Palenque in the 7th century, Pacal the Great is important evidence that the Maya civilization knew secrets of resurrection. According to the Mexican historian Alberto Ruz Lhuillier excavated temple of inscriptions, "A young man sitting on the mask of Land Monster, probably, at the same time represents a man who is destined to return to the bosom of the earth one day, and maize grain which has be buried into the ground before growing up." Resurrection of human-maize is possible if there is connection between the physical world and the afterlife existence.

How is this miracle of miracles committed? American scientists Linda Schele, Mary Miller and David Freidel considering the well-known symbol of the tree of life on megaliths, saw in it as "axis" used for "the souls of the dead and the gods rise from the underworld when they are called by visualization ritual and return the same way back." Moreover, the researchers unanimously recognize the symbolism of sarcophagus lid to be an illustration of the strong connection with the cosmos: inscription is treated as a "spaceship", "raised sky," a bowl of blood and a snake studded with precious stones. "Celestial monster" is resting at the top of the tree, which links the visible and "thin" worlds. The Maya believed that the soul wanders through timeless space, changing body image, but with the right spells may go back to its owner.

Going to the Mayan megaliths in Mexico, everyone strongly believes in miracles and secretly dreams that next to the "places of power" he would meet the old man with a white beard who discovered to the Indians the secrets of astronomy and arithmetic. If you are lucky, this mythical character who once wean people from building sand castles by pointing at the reliable and durable stone slabs, would cure a modern man from his diseases.


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