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Experience: Grygorii Rashetnik

Автор: 04.07.2017 | experience, personalities
Having woken up and switched on TV, we are filling our house with the positive, energy, and bubbly laughing of those who make each our day easier and funnier on another side of the screen. Sometimes a spectator feels that world of television is the absolute holiday and festival, but too frequently our good mood and careless day is followed by the accurate and from times to times such a responsible work… Today the TV-host Grigoriy Reshetnyak shares with our readers the story of his success.

My children motivate me and give the positive for all the day long, especially the youngest one. At night he wakes the mother up, giving a possibility to have a rest for the farther. However, exactly at 7 am both elder and younger sons have a boisterous activity in our bedroom. Vanya tells how is going to spend the day, jump and run. By the way, at the weekend when one wants to sleep enough, they do not sleep since early morning. We are very grateful for them for being such amazing alarm clocks (smile).

I hope that I will have my biggest achievement if I make a step forward. I am quite ambitious young person. I think that I will always tend to something. I put new targets and build plans constantly. And bring them to life. In the meantime, something the process is more interesting than the result. It is very important to live receiving pleasure. This is success. One should not tell to himself: ‘I have achieved the top, it is time to stop’. One needs to be afraid of this top but simultaneously tend to it. I try to have a calm attitude towards it. Some time ago I failed nearly fifteen castings. Sometimes I even got an advice to change a profession. However, it did not break me from my path. I trusted my flair and professionalism, worked over myself a lot. With each failure I became more and more confident and successful. As a result, I got invitations in the projects which made me sought-demand and popular. There is no luck without failures.

Ten years ago I would advise myself to be more confident. Then, having entered the university at the specialty ‘Broadcaster and host of TV program, I was not convinced that it was my profession. When I speak to the students at the workshops, I try to tell them that life is beautiful and world is interesting. One needs to believe in his powers and love himself. In the youth I felt a shortage of that, I focused on my complexes, suffered from the failures. Five years ago I would give myself a piece of advice to work even more and more intensive, develop in different directions. I have directing and producing talents, so, it is interesting for me, and I would like to pay more attention to that. One year ago I would recommend myself to get immersed with something or find my hobbies. Now it could be my workshops and trainings. I love sharing my experience and knowledge with people who would like to develop.

My work is the affair which I adore a lot. Yes, it is quite complicated, but truly exciting. I always try to find out more advantages than disadvantages. I am very glad that I have such a pleasant profession which gives an opportunity to communicate with interesting personalities, fulfilling their potential, receive feedback, hear the words of adoration from the environment, understanding that you make a world better.

I was lucky enough as I have gone to my success rather flexibly and gradually. And thanks God. I know people who are broken by their immediate fame, crash destinies, separate with beloved people and argue with friends. This feeling should be tightly controlled. One needs to enjoy the fame, certainly, do not be shy, but always stay down-to-earth.

I have a deep interest in television. I consider that if a person dedicated himself to some affair, he should be immersed completely and fall in love with his profession. I watch many TV programs and know the TV-hosts. The main mistake is the lack of confidence, and absence of integrity. It appears that the starting hosts try to copy more influential colleagues. The lack of professional skills also make upset. You know, it is like when a person appears at TV too early. In our time we had been fighting so as to appear on the screens as there are not so many TV channels and programs now. Currently, with the abundance of TV and Internet resources, it is easy to get to screen, not everybody who wants that are really ready for that.

I would like to learn English language perfectly. I would prefer to talk to international partners and colleagues easily. Sometimes I get some proposals connected with English language, and I have to decline them, unfortunately. I tackled this deal many times and went to the courses. Nevertheless, because of the laziness and relax or, vice versa, business at work, I have never completed this task. Now I am in the search of teacher. I constantly take sport so as to look well, deal with the technique of speech. In general, I do not stop improving.

I am always inspired by the family and parents. I would not like to be weak, I find out the powers to analyze situation and move forward. I do not tend to rumination and do not get to the depression. I am grateful to the destiny for having a reliable background. Thanks to my beloved wife, kids, children who always believe in the father. It raised my spirit, and for them I am ready for any adventures.

Every person is afraid of public speaking. At my workshops I pay a special attention to the ways of avoidance of your rumination before the going to stage. As it is said, the source of fear should be overcome anyway. So as not to worry, one needs to practice it regularly, get accustomed to the audience and atmosphere. Time to time you will become less and less nervous. Personally I rely on my experience and professionalism. With each time my communication with the audience is becoming calmer and more insightful. I get pleasure performing in front of different audiences. Every person experiences fear at the stage during the first minutes of performance. However, if he has prepared well and knows what to speak about, in a minute the anxiety is going to disappear. You will always be integral if you are about to be confident and convinced in your actions. Do not be afraid of making the first step. I persuade you, with each attempt you will become more flawless and professional.

I have always been quite a creative personality. I loved stage, performances, concerts, participated in various school performances. I finished theatrical studio, acted in the theater during studying at university. I was dreaming of ever becoming a public person so as to make my performances at the stage my job. I am incredibly happy that my dream has come true. I fell in love with the TV when I was a pupil when there were the first commercial TV channels. Ukrainian TV-producers began purchasing American and European formats adapting them up to our standards. I was a true wonder. It seemed that there was nothing more exciting and interesting than it. It is quite hard to jump from this good addiction.

I take sport so as to be in a good fit. I read books loudly so as to listen to my pronunciation, voice, articulation. I constantly go to different castings. It is like a training, an exam for the creative person where different tasks have been put forward so as to look if you are going to cope with them. Largely, I am quite critical towards myself. I constantly analyze my creative activity, ask for the professional opinion. I am not afraid of constructive and sincere critics.

I consider that if a person does something, he should fall in love in this activity. I am in love from head to heels and watch a great deal of programs, both Ukrainian and foreign ones. I am interested in new trends and formats. I look at the work of other TV-hosts and get something for myself. Unfortunately, now there are not too many new projects at Ukrainian TV-market. However, I believe that this period will come to end, and we will see the new breakthrough of Ukrainian television. I will be glad to become a part and parcel of this highlight.

Yes, I regard myself as successful. I am lucky enough to work in the majority of ranking projects of the country. Millions of people watch our programs. In the meantime, the so-called starry illnesses set me behind. I always take into consideration that I should tackle my popularity and success in a calm manner. A good career is the career which is always in dynamics, in progress, even if you move not too quick but gradually and flexibly. It is worst of all when there is a condition of stability and being stuck. It is a sign that career is coming into trap.

My deep anticipation is that in the modern world with the abundance of information resources everyone could try himself in this scope. One needs to lead his program and blog in social media. However, so as to achieve the success, one should constantly work over himself. Particularly, one has to pay enough attention to acting, public speaking, work with voice, and articulation. One needs to visit different courses and get education. The modern TV-host is the all-rounder who is interested in many scopes of life, who can give reasons and stand for his point of view. In some words, this is personality who is authoritative for other people and whose opinion is interesting for environment.


I always try to control my emotions and inner reflections, do not shout at others. Extreme sensitivity tells about your weakness and lack of professionalism. There are different situations and moments. If I am wrong, I always make apologies, come to certain conclusions and try not to repeat similar situations.

One worries a lot before the program or performance, anyway. The TV-host is followed by the work of a huge team. It is a large responsibility not to mislead people who made a big way. Gradually when some time passes and one gets some experience, certainly, there is less rumination. In general, the anxiety lasts only for several minutes. The true professional should control his emotions and astonish with his work in a pleasant manner.

It seems that I can tackle any profession if it is interesting for me. In the childhood I loved so much the big cars, agricultural technique, such as tractors, and vans. I was able to look at them for hours. I dreamt of becoming long-haul trucker or farmer. Perhaps, this passion genetically moved to my elder son Vanya. He also loves to play with cars, as he has the whole collection of tractors and vans. Deeply I am attracted with the surgery. It seems that these doctors are able to make wonders; however, in the meantime, they have a big responsibility for life and health of other people.

I try to develop in different directions of the creative activity. I make workshops on the public speaking, share my knowledge and experience. I lead several projects as the producer, and sometimes I had to work as the director on the platform. Sometimes I direct the scenes for my pupils In the work of TV-host I also dream of new tops. I would like to lead large-scale and massive projects useful for society. I love my profession.

I wish you professional growth, balance between family and career as well as good luck! Stay the best!

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