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Mary King’s close: little Anny asks for dolls

On the canvas of Scottish legends, mystical patterns are embroidered. Local people believe in ghosts. The famous Scottish legends were not only at the books’ pages. They are assured that every day view the souls of ancestors watch them. Today OUTLOOK will tell you about the secrets hidden in the Mary King’s close.

In the vicinity there are many mysterious places, and in the mysticism of their labyrinths it's easy to get lost, having lost touch with reality.

Edinburgh is famous not only for the folklore spirit of museums and residences. The main attraction, which every local resident is going to tell you about, is the underground street. This story in Edinburgh will be told cautiously, with strangers looking around to check if no one has heard. However, it is in no way connected with criminal elements as the Mary King’s close is considered the most mystical street in Scotland. Its secrets are inextricably linked with the historical past ... as well as people's love for all sorts of legends.

But let's see what history tells us. In the XVII century the plague came in the city. It wandered around the neighborhood, sparing neither the old people nor the children, and its eternal companion was the fear of death since horror, chilling blood, settled into the souls, tearing away any opportunity to escape from the root. Trying to stop the black plague, the local authorities gave the order to take all the infected to one area and seal it. So the sick fell into the sinister Mary King’s close. Poverty, hunger, lack of money, inability to cope with the disease did their job and the transition was notorious ... Although more than one century has passed since then, locals still believe that ghosts are wandering around in that locality, because the souls of the dead do not leave the neighborhood.IMG_8561.JPGPhoto

A sad story has been in people's minds for two centuries, and only in the XVIII century the traces of blood were completely washed away from the city walls. Mary King’s close transformed, as if it was raised from the ashes. The buildings were restored, the street was rebuilt. And the transition itself ceased to resemble an infirmary. Yet the inhabitants of Edinburgh, accustomed to the legends, continued to tell terrible stories. The legends says, one night they saw people in rags running and when they tried to speak their silhouettes dissolved in the air. Inhabitants of the districts woke up in a cold sweat when at night they heard moans of invisible spirits. It was impossible to make out that this is a game of imagination or a mystical atmosphere.IMG_6774.jpgPhoto

Years passed, and people were not tired of believing in ghosts. Sinister glory was given to a house, which the common people called the abode of a small Anny. Many years ago a family of merchants lived here. Happy husband and wife brought up daughter Anny, whom the neighbors considered beautiful and clever. Most of all in the world the girl loved walking on the street: life seemed to her long, all troubles were unimportant. But the black plague did not pass over this house, and the girl contracted a terrible disease. Her parents did not tell her about this - maybe they just could not explain ... One morning Anny woke up, pulled the handle of the door and found that she was locked. She began to pound her small fists at the door. She thought it was a terrible dream, and one day it would end. Parents will return home, open the door, and she, as always, will eat a delicious soup and run to play with the guys on the street. The hours were going, and no one opened the door. Needless to say, the parents condemned Anny to a terrible death. They left her alone to die, so that, being locked in a room, she could not infect anyone with a plague.

For many years it was believed that Anny is a fictional character whose history unites thousands of broken fates. Undoubtedly, a similar situation could happen in almost every home where a sick child threatened the life of a large family. But not so long ago, new evidence of an esoteric nature appeared which shed light on the emergence of this story.Ddy7L4XVMAASJxW.jpgPhoto

Local residents invited the famous Japanese medium Aiko Gibo to take part in the filming about the paranormal phenomena that took place in the UK. One of the plots was dedicated to the events that occurred in the Mary King’s close. Aiko Gibo claimed that ghosts can still be seen on this street to this day. The medium believes in stories of residents who felt someone's breathing behind their backs when there was no one nearby, and woke up from strange sensations, as if there were someone else in the neighboring houses. Aiko Gibo said that this girl really existed, and the story is not invented. According to the medium, it was necessary to talk with the girl's soul and find out what troubled her.

... Little Anny blinked out her eyes while she tried to reach out to the parents who left her to the mercy of fate. The room, where day after day passed her happy childhood, turned into a prison cell, from which there was no way out. Anny begged to release her, but there was no answer ...The-Real-Mary-Kings-Close-The-Maid-Meets-The-New-Characters-Of-The-Close.jpgPhoto

Aiko Gibo was shocked by the tragedy of the girl. She interrupted the spiritualistic session having made a shocking statement: Anne's soul continues to pound on the door, but finds no way out. Aiko Gibo went to the store, bought a beautiful doll and only then returned to the Mary King’s close. She was convinced that the poor girl needed to be comforted and for this she held a symbolic rite.

It broke the ice. Local residents not only repeated the ritual conducted by Aiko Gibo, but also turned it into a tradition. Today travelers from all over the world come to the door of the house at the Mary King’s close with gifts, dolls, dresses, ornaments and even sweets. They are eager to pay homage to the unhappy girl. It seems that little Anny accepts gifts. At least, Aiki Gibo, who repeatedly visited these places after the events described, claimed that the ghost did not appear anymore.075a.jpgPhoto

Today, the Mary King’s close is interesting for tourists who admire mystical adventures and esoteric stories. Arriving in Edinburgh, travelers find themselves in the labyrinth of narrow streets leading to an unusual transition. In the twisting tunnels, hammered stairs hide. The windows of houses in which no one lives are boarded up, and behind the doorways there is an abyss.

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