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In between the banks

Автор: 15.03.2019 | oddities, rating
As practice proves, even the most utilitarian items can be made a work of art. Using some imagination and without “killing” creativity, everything becomes extraordinary: bridges, for instance. Logically, principal purpose of such constructions is to connect two banks therefore main thing about them is security. Yet sometimes people follow other criteria.

Now as we’ve mentioned it, the largest number of bridges isn’t in St. Petersburg or even in Venice. Number one in terms of “passages” amount is German Hamburg with about twenty five hundred ones there. Last winter I spent almost a week there and lost count of them when riding my bicycle while I probably haven’t crossed even a tenth of local fortune.

On the whole, Germans like and know how to make bridges. Take, for instance, the famous Magdeburg Water Crossing. Not only people walk this miracle but also ships navigate it because alongside pavement there is a water slik. Parameters of the erection are impressive: length – 918, width – 42 with height over Elbe – 90 meters. The project was designed even before the beginning of World War II, but its major part was constructed already after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The cost of the unique construction constitutes about 80 million Euro.Photo

In neighboring Netherlands number of channels, both small and not that small, also allows local architects to experiment. One of the most famous constructions is “The Moses Bridge”. Dutchmen have created a genius object of special damp-proof wood. Footway is situated below water level and is only visible at close range. The bridge achieved fame that extends well beyond the borders of the Netherlands, it oftentimes participated and won various contests.Photo

One can get to “nowhere” not only by the route from a famous movie but also by a Norwegian bridge. Local car enthusiasts call it “drunk” for the erection changes its direction depending on the sight angle. From afar it even seems like there is a springboard ahead of you. In fact, Storseisundet Bridge connects Island to the continent. It emerged in 1989 to replace a ferry that only navigated in a certain time. By the way, for the first 10 years the bridge trip required payment but later Norwegian authorities took compassion on the passengers.Photo

In the meantime, in Asia they look for new approaches not only to the construction itself but also to what it is made of. Local bridges are often built using unusual environment-friendly materials. A good example can be set by citizens of an Indian village where they are involved in…“growing” bridges. As far back as several thousand years ago peasants started directing tree roots in a certain way. In the course of all these years some erections were created with their total length of 3 kilometers. Such a passage turned out to be firm enough: it can bear up to 50 people and is resistant to floods and torrential rains.

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In Nepal a bridge near Gasa village is one of the principal tourist objects. Although it may seem not too safe but its strength was proven over the years. For local citizens the construction is the only “way out” and connection to civilization. Should you happen to be nearby and have a need to get to the other side – don’t worry, dozens of animal walk the bridge daily. There were no accidents so far and we hope there won’t be any.

Now that we’ve mentioned animals, we cannot but refer to a special bridge in Canada. The construction situated on a highway not far from Banff National Park is meant purposely for our wild fellow-earth-dwellers for them not to die beneath car wheels. First passages of the kind started emerging back in 1950s in France. Nowadaystheyareactivelybuiltinmanycountries.Photo

In the UK main bridge-kind place of interest is believed to be the “Monkey Bridge”. It floats almost weightlessly over a pond in Tatton Park. People aren’t allowed to use the construction since it is an art object, and there is a plate near the ‘passage’. Yet this doesn’t deprive the design of its ingenuity and may be soon even cars will be driving such bridges.Photo

Well, if you are so much lured by height and if a sense of a flight brings you joy, you should go to France to the very famous Millau Viaduct. The height of the erection is about 340 meters. In terms of this indicator even the country’s major tourist object – Eiffel Tower – is losing to this bridge. Those who visited it say that any crock turns into an aircraft here and it seems like you’re flying. Well, why not – even clouds are underneath you!Photo

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