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Scream If You Wanna Go Faster

Автор: 03.06.2015 | technology, do you know
It was 8 years ago at 2007 French electrical train TGV POS set a world speed record for transportation on conventional rails. This “plane from a platform” accelerated to 574 kilometers per hour. Records are probably beaten anonymously, too, and in some garages there are unknown heroes who assemble miracle engines and extend speed limits; yet, we only talk about official indicators.

Records are probably beaten anonymously, too, and in some garages there are unknown heroes who assemble miracle engines and extend speed limits; yet, we only talk about official indicators. Let’s start our chart with the most popular means of transport – with a car. If you race at the speed of 60 kilometers per hour on your monster without muffler and endanger people around you thinking you are a daring guy from The Fast and the Furious on a “tuned ride” – alas, it’s not like that. As a matter of fact, those who love drive and possess money, opt for SSC Tuatara that is even faster than the famous Bugatti Veyron Super. Able to reach 100 kilometers per hour in merely two and a half seconds, the car can move at a speed of 443 km/h which is an absolute record among serial cars. The miracle costs million dollars and a half.

We move from four wheels to two, even more so with motor bicycles being “swifter” than autos. The fastest of them is Dodge Tomahawк, it accelerates up to 480 kilometers per hour and it makes it to a hundred in 1.8 seconds all in all. Only ten such monsters were produced and 9 of them were sold in late 2013 against 550 thousand dollars an item. According to owners of these bikes, they are very fastidious as to fuel quality; also, only true professionals can drive them – work of super-powerful engine is greatly felt in motion so one should steer confidently. By the way, in theory, Tomahawk can reach speed of 613 km/h.

Their little brothers, bicycles, can “rev up”, too. Swedish company Exotic Thermo Engineering affixed a compact missile launcher to an “iron horse” that allowed Frenchman Francois Gissy accelerated to 263 kilometers per hour. Serial production hasn’t been launched yet, and we can’t shake the feeling: “is it even necessary?” Sprightly pedaling of an ordinary bicycle never hurt anyone – neither humans, nor nature.

We leave land and take off. Even more so because there are no traffic lights or traffic jams in the sky. However, hypersonic plane X-43A would hardly have noticed them anyway. The aircraft elaborated by NASA experts, Orbital Sciences Corporation and MicroCraft Inc may not seem intimidating by the looks of it: wing spread constitutes a meter and a half with entire length of the machine being three meters and a half; yet, it has another advantage: 11230 kilometers per hour. It is hard to grasp but it is 9.6 times higher than light velocity. Currently the plane that consumed about quarter billion dollars for its production keeps performing test flights and according to developers, new records are to come.

Our review would be incomplete without the expanse of water. As far back as in 1980s legendary and secret SES-100B – American military ship on an air cushion was driving “with wind to its face”. Its weight constituted about 100 tonnes, at that, the vessel managed to reach the speed of 170 kilometers per hour which stirs imagination even 30-something years later. Unfortunately, there are almost no pictures of this speeder and there is very little information about it – it is military transport after all, even more so, in a unique copy. Still, its speed is registered with Guinness World Records and hasn’t been beaten so far.


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